Car Accidents

Auto and Vehicle Accident Injuries

The Hollander Law Firm has built a reputation for handling some of the most devastating and complex motor vehicle accident cases in South Florida.

For many of us, dealing with a serious or fatal car accident will be among the most painful and confusing times in our lives. As a veteran car accident lawyer in the Boca Raton area, Gregg Hollander and the professional staff at the Hollander Law Firm, understand what it takes to secure the financial well-being of you and your family.

Medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering can take a toll on accident victims and family members. Dealing with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies can be overwhelming.

With two decades of experience and success at numerous jury trials against some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in the state, Attorney Gregg Hollander will personally represent you through the conclusion of your case, whether it’s mediation, arbitration or trial.

Every member of the team at the Hollander Law Firm has been chosen for their knowledge, skill and dedication. “Each Case is Personal” is not just our slogan, it is how we handle each and every case we take the honor and responsibility of representing.

Boca Raton car accident lawyer Gregg M. Hollander has handled thousands of car accident claims and has the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for the rights of clients injured in all types of car accidents, including accidents involving rental cars, taxi cabs, and work or delivery vehicles, as well as South Florida motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents and pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

South Florida car accidents are often complex cases, requiring thorough investigation of the accident, the extent of your injuries and the amount of insurance or other assets available for recovery. The Hollander Law Firm will build a team of dedicated professionals, including paralegals, registered nurses and other legal and medical experts capable of fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Critical to your ability to recover damages will be the amount of insurance available. Of vital importance is hiring an attorney with thorough knowledge of insurance laws, and the tactics of insurance companies and their attorneys. Frequently, an at-fault driver will downplay the amount of insurance available, or even claim to be uninsured, in an attempt to minimize the chances of a claim. Even when a driver is uninsured, an accident victim may still be able to make a claim through uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

At the Hollander Law Firm, Boca Raton car accident attorney Gregg M. Hollander will conduct a thorough insurance review of your case. In some circumstances, we may even be able to recover damages by filing a claim against your own insurance carrier or insurance in effect on other vehicles in your household or the household of an at-fault driver.

Other times, the cause of an accident is not readily apparent. Faulty traffic signals, poorly designed intersections, crumbling roads or a defective vehicle can contribute to a serious collision. By combining our personalized approach with the resources of a major law firm, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your accident, review insurance policies and other means of collection, and consult with the medical professionals necessary to determine the extent of your injuries and the likelihood of future medical complications.

Then, along with a team of staff members specifically chosen for your case, Attorney Hollander will consult with you and decide on the best course of action to fight for the compensation you and your family deserve.

The Hollander Law Firm represents residents, visitors, part-time residents and tourists who have been injured in traffic accidents throughout South Florida, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Naples and Fort Myers.

Call the Hollander Law Firm today for a free and confidential appointment with a car accident attorney in the Boca Raton area to discuss your rights. If we can help, we will. And there are no costs or fees unless we are successful in obtaining a financial recovery on behalf of you and your family.