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Did you recently get hurt in an accident in a mass transit accident in West Palm Beach, FL? Whether you were hurt on a Palm Tran Bus, an Amtrak train, or another type of shuttle, Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers can help. Our West Palm Beach mass transit accident lawyers will fight to help you get maximum compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, and suffering.

Since 1996, attorney Gregg Hollander has been a top advocate for injury victims and families in South Florida. Through determination and passion for his practice, he’s helped his clients win tens of millions of dollars in life-altering compensation. 

Now that you’ve been the victim of a mass transit accident in West Palm Beach, he’s ready to fight for you, too. Contact our law office in West Palm Beach, Florida, or call (561) 556-7873 to arrange a time for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more. We’re always available to take your call – 24 hours a day.

How Our West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Hurt in a Mass Transit Crash

How Our West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Hurt in a Mass Transit Crash

Accidents involving mass transit vehicles can be catastrophic. The personal injury cases that follow can be complicated. Why? Often, government agencies and big corporations are involved. Many different insurance companies might be in the mix of things, too. It can be difficult to establish causation and pinpoint liability. 

You’ll want an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer fielding these – and other – challenges for you. That’s the best way to win your case and increase the odds of maximum financial recovery.

At Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers, we put 28+ years of experience behind every case. Award-winning litigator Gregg Hollander is one of South Florida’s respected and accomplished attorneys. Our law office puts in the time, resources, and manpower needed to win – and we get top results for our injured clients day in and day out.

Here’s what you can expect while you have the ability to recover from your mass transit accident injuries: 

  • A thorough, in-depth investigation into the circumstances surrounding your mass transit collision
  • Careful analysis of critical pieces of evidence, including physical evidence from the scene, police reports, medical records, vehicle maintenance and inspection records, photographs, witness statements, and more
  • Consultations with leading accident and injury specialists in West Palm Beach, including crash reconstructionists, mechanics, forensic experts, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and more
  • Negotiations with insurance adjusters, government transportation agencies, and other liable parties

We won’t be afraid to advise you to reject lowball offers and push forward to trial if other parties aren’t taking your case seriously. 

Our West Palm Beach law office works on a contingency fee basis, so there’s no risk in asking for our help. You only pay if we win your mass transit injury case. End of story. 

Call a personal injury lawyer near you to arrange a time for your free consultation. Our team is available to take your call right now.

How Common Are Mass Transit Accidents?

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were at least 16,776 mass transit accidents reported across the nation in 2021.

Those accidents resulted in:

  • 8,119 injuries, and
  • 190 deaths.

Bus accidents – including trolleys – accounted for the largest percentage of injuries and deaths. Light rails and heavy freight trails were also the sources of a large number of the nation’s mass transit injuries and fatalities.

We Handle All Mass Transit Accident Cases in West Palm Beach

Whether you’re a passenger on a mass transit vehicle, a pedestrian, or an occupant of another car, it’s important to seek legal assistance if you’re in a crash.

At Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers, we represent clients who’ve sustained injuries in all different types of mass transit accidents in West Palm Beach:

  • Palm Tran bus accidents
  • Amtrak train accidents
  • Palm Tran Paratransit Service accidents
  • Go Glades transit accident
  • South Florida Rail Corridor train accidents
  • Florida East Coastway Rail train accidents
  • Brightline rail accidents
  • Trolley accidents
  • Private bus accidents

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our law firm for assistance if you or a loved one has been hurt. We’ll help you understand your rights and explain how to move forward with a claim for damages.

What Are the Leading Causes of Mass Transit Accidents in West Palm Beach, FL?

Many mass transit accidents in West Palm Beach and across South Florida are the result of:

Understanding the cause of a mass transit accident is critical. Once we know why your accident happened, we can begin to build a case against those who are responsible. 

Who Can Be Liable For a Mass Transit Accident in West Palm Beach, FL?

Under Florida state law, anyone who would contribute to a mass transit accident can be accountable for the resulting consequences.

After a careful investigation and coordination with state and local government investigators, it may become clear that some or all of the following parties are liable:

  • Palm Beach transportation planning agency TPA
  • The city of West Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach County
  • Private freight and rail companies, like Amtrak
  • Private bus companies, like Greyhound
  • The state of Florida

Once liability is established, our personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach will aggressively pursue damages from anyone who directly or indirectly caused you to get hurt.

What Damages Are Available to Mass Transit Injury Victims?

As the victim of a mass transit accident, it’s likely that your injuries are quite severe. This can cause devastating physical trauma, emotional distress, and a mountain of financial debt. Under Florida State law, compensation for all of these things is available.

Economic damages are intended to make up for the financial and monetary consequences of your accident.

This can include money for:

Non-economic damages are intended to compensate for the physical and emotional trauma you experience because of your accident.

These types of damages are incredibly difficult to calculate and vary widely from one case to the next.

Examples include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Embarrassment
  • Chronic physical pain

You may wonder what your mass transit accident case it’s worth. Ultimately, it will depend on things like the severity of your injuries and the long-term effects you’ll face. The more severe the injuries, the more a case tends to be worth

However, every situation is incredibly different. It will be important to speak directly with an experienced West Palm Beach bus accident lawyer to find out how much money you might be able to get. Contact Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers to arrange a time for a free case evaluation with a member of our team. We are always standing by to provide the assistance you need.

What Happens If I Share Blame For a Mass Transit Accident in Florida?

While it’s rare for a passenger to be blamed for a mass transit accident, it’s not unheard of. And if you were in another vehicle or walking down the street as a pedestrian, a mass transit service agency may try to say you had involvement in causing the crash.

Getting blamed for an accident can hurt your chances of a full financial recovery. However, under Florida’s modified comparative negligence rule, it won’t necessarily bar a claim. As long as someone else is mostly to blame, you can recover the compensation you deserve.

Your damages will simply be reduced by your degree of fault. If you were assigned 5% of the blame for a mass transit accident, your financial recovery would be reduced by 5% to reflect that. However, you could not recover any damages if you were assigned 51% or more of the blame.

Our West Palm Beach mass transit accident attorneys will be ready for these victim-blaming strategies and prepared to defend you at every turn. We will work hard to ensure that you walk away with a financial award that reflects the full value of what you’re entitled to get under Florida law.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim After Getting Hurt in a Train or Bus Accident in Florida?

The statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits was recently changed by the Florida government. There is a four-year deadline for accidents occurring on or prior to 3/23/2023 and a two-year deadline for those occurring after that date. Wrongful death cases must be filed within two years of a victim‘s death.

However, many mass transit cases involve government agencies. In Florida, you’ll have three years to file a special administrative claim with the responsible government agency. 

Once you provide your notice of claim, the government will have 180 days to investigate. The agency can approve your claim and pay you the compensation requested, counter with another offer, or deny your claim outright.

If your claim is denied, then you can move forward and file a civil personal injury lawsuit in court.

Don’t let too much time go by without taking action. If you miss the deadline that applies to your case, especially if the government agency is involved, you will forfeit the right to demand accountability and recover compensation.

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