Bicycle, Pedestrian Deaths Up Sharply

An 11-year-old South Florida boy was struck and killed while riding on his bicycle about a mile from his North Fort Myers home recently. The driver of the pickup truck that hit the boy reportedly did not see him, as the stretch of road is… read more

Appleabaum v. Target Corp. – Defective Bicycle Lawsuit Grinds to a Halt

Most people when they hear the words “cycling accident” automatically think of a collision with a car. It’s true that a significant portion of serious bicycle accident injuries are the result of bike run-ins with motor vehicles. However, most bicycling accidents overall are solo crashes…. read more

$7.25 M Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit Settlement

Following an out-of-court settlement for nearly $7 million last year after a serious bicycle accident, the City of Mercer Island has reached a $7.25 million injury settlement after another bicycle accident. Plaintiffs in this case were a woman who was rendered quadriplegic in a bike… read more

Driver Charged with 2nd Degree Murder in Bicycle Accident Deaths, Injuries

A 50-year-old man has been charged with five counts of second-degree murder after he struck nine bicyclists – killing five of them – in Kalamazoo, MI.  The case is not unique for the fact that a driver struck a bicyclist. Unfortunately, that’s become more and… read more

Defective Bicycles Put Riders at High Risk of Injury in Florida

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced the recall of some 23,000 mountain bikes made by a company called Cannondale. According to the recall notice, the bicycle’s OPI stem/ steering tube assemblies have the potential to fail. This could in turn result in a… read more

New signs aim to reduce bicycle accidents in Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Lee County is debuting a new “Share the Road” sign aimed at reducing bicycle accidents in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. The signs, called “shared lane markings” or “sharrow” were approved late last year by the national Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Other communities,… read more

Advocates concerned proposed law could increase risk of South Florida bicycle accidents

Cyclists are urging Gov. Charlie Crist to veto a law that would require them to remain in unobstructed bicycle lanes whenever possible, the Florida Times Union reported. Florida bicycle accidents killed 125 riders in 2008, making Florida the deadliest state in the nation for cycling… read more