Deaths in Teen Driver Crashes Spike After Years on Decline

The number of people dying due to teen driver negligence is on the rise for the first time in a decade, reports the AAA automobile club and the Governors Highway Safety Association. In fact, this figure has shot up 10 percent in just a year.  This… read more

Martin v. Powers – Rental Car Company Liability for Injury

Since the Graves Amendment was enacted into federal law, rental car companies have been able to evade any vicarious liability for the negligent actions of their drivers. That means if you’re injured by someone driving a rental car, you can’t hold the owner of the… read more

Erie Insurance v. Larose – Jurisdiction for Florida Auto Accident Claim

Generally speaking, Florida state courts have the authority and the jurisdiction to oversee civil lawsuits pertaining to car accidents that happen in this state. However, as the recent case of Erie Insurance v. Larose reveals, a tricky matter of personal jurisdiction of an insurer may… read more

$24 Million Car Accident Settlement Against “Good Samaritan” Driver

Three years ago, Rebecca Forkey was a 24-year-old woman heading to the gym, training for a bodybuilding competition. Little did she know, her physical fitness is likely what kept her alive in a car accident that would have killed most people, her doctors now say. … read more

Car Seat Manufacturer to Face Florida Child Injury Lawsuit in 2017

A Florida judge in Duval County has set a trial date for August next year against the makers of the Ohio-based Evenflo, a car seat manufacturer accused of improperly recommending car seats that are too big for some children. The lawsuit was filed on behalf… read more

NHTSA: Traffic Fatalities Rose in 2015, Largest Uptick in Decades

The latest government statistics on car accidents and resulting fatalities in the U.S. paints a troubling picture of the lack of safety on our national highways and roads.  Last year, the number of people killed in motor vehicle crashes was nearly 35,100, according to the… read more

“Textalyzer” Brings Hope of Distracted Driving Detector After Crashes

Officers investigating drunk driving accidents have a device at their disposal called breathalyzers, which help them detect a person’s breath-alcohol concentration. Blood-alcohol concentration can also be detected through a blood test, though they may have to get a warrant for that. In cases where a… read more

Cramer v. Hon. Starr – Original Tortfeasor Rule Tested

The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled on the common law precedent of the original tortfeasor rule, which allows a person who is civilly liable to another for some injury may also be civilly liable for the negligence, mistake or lack of skill on the part… read more

$2.2M UIM Injury Verdict Affirmed by 10th Circuit

In the case of Etheringon v. Owners Insurance Co., the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a $2.25 million verdict against a car insurance company for engaging in bad faith during settlement of an underinsured motorist (UIM) case.  According to the complaint, the insurer… read more

NHTSA Questions Safety of Self-Driving Cars After Fatal Florida Car Accident

In early May, a fatal car accident on a Florida highway seemed like just one of the many tragedies that occur on our roads daily. The driver, a 40-year-old from Canton, Ohio operating a Tesla car in Williston, Florida, had crashed into a tractor-trailer while… read more

NHTSA: Traffic Deaths Up Almost 8 Percent in 2015

The family of Michael Waddle, 50, told The Palm Beach Post the former firefighter always insisted on kisses and hugs whenever someone left the home because, “You never know when you might see them last.”  It turned out to be wiser than perhaps he would… read more

$10M Car Accident Verdict in Delivery Driver Crash That Killed Firefighter

The purported negligence of an Orange County pizza delivery driver working for a franchise may cost the parent company as much as $9 million after a jury awarded a $10 million verdict to the plaintiff, widow of a firefighter who died 15 months of crash-related… read more

Accident Risk High When Distracted, Smart Cars Help

Distracted drivers are more than twice as likely to crash their vehicle. That’s according to a recent Virginia Tech study published in the journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. This was the first large-scale, crash-only analysis of naturalistic driving data to study this… read more

Report: Florida Renters Pay More for Car Insurance

A new study by national consumer group Consumer Federation of America revealed that drivers in Florida who rent – as opposed to own – a residence are charged 10 percent more for car insurance. In some places across the country, it’s even worse, with auto… read more