How Expensive Is It to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL?

After a car accident, you need resources to help deal with the losses impacting your life. Insurance companies are there to compensate you for your damages, but their goal is to minimize or deny claims when possible. If you hire a car accident lawyer, you have a much better chance of getting a just payout, even after paying their fees.

How Expensive Is It to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL?

Car accident lawyers customarily take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means their fee is contingent on the settlement or verdict amount. Since this figure is not available until the conclusion of the case, car accident lawyers working on a pure contingency fee basis do not receive payment until the end.

As such, you pay nothing upfront for an attorney to represent you. Even if the case lasts for months or longer, your costs will not become due until you receive your payment. 

In some cases, plaintiffs who go to trial are also awarded attorney’s fees in addition to their compensation. If your attorney is unable to win your case, you pay no attorney’s fees.

Contingency Fee Percentage

Car accident attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL, have varying skill levels and experience. The more seasoned the advocate, the higher their percentage of the compensation. 

Factors that warrant charging a higher percentage include the attorney’s years of experience and possession of special certifications and educational achievements. 

Generally speaking, contingency percentages in West Palm Beach and throughout the state range between 33% and 40%. During the first stage of representation, which consists of negotiating with insurance companies on a settlement number, car accident attorneys may receive no more than a third of the settlement or 33 ⅓%. 

However, if you reject a settlement offer and direct your attorney to prepare for trial, the percentage can go up to 40%, depending on the circumstances of the case.

For insurance negotiations and lawsuits, the percentage a car accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL, may charge may be reduced as the settlement award exceeds $1 million. 

In the negotiation stage, the cap on attorney’s fees decreases from 33 ⅓% to 30% after the first $1 million for any compensation in the range of $1-2 million, and to 20% for anything exceeding $2 million. The corresponding reductions during the lawsuit phase are from 40% to 30% and 20%.

What Does the Contingency Fee Cover?

The contingency fee pays for your attorney’s time and professional capabilities throughout the case. There are, however, costs that arise that are not covered by the fee. They may include:

  • Costs associated with obtaining police and medical reports
  • Deposition costs
  • Expert witness expenses
  • Court fees

Frequently, the attorney will pay these expenses as they arise and then deduct them from the final award for compensation.

Most Car Accident Attorneys Offer a Free Consultation

The beginning of the car accident claim process usually involves a free consultation with an attorney. During this appointment, you will learn the potential of your case and what viable choices are available to you.

Because a consultation with a car accident lawyer is free, scheduling one is worth your time. At the very least, you can get answers to your questions and explore your options beyond the low offers you will likely get from an insurance company. 

Your lawyer will also be able to provide you with a personalized picture of how the contingency fee arrangement will work in your case during this free consultation.

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