Murphy v. Roth – Juror Social Media Use Scrutinized

American users of smartphones (which is almost everyone at this point) are rarely without these devices. According to Mashable Tech, the average person spends about three hours daily socializing on social network applications on their mobile devices – which is more than twice the amount of time… read more

Hot Air Balloon Pilot in Fatal Accident Had Priors for DUI

The man at the helm in the deadliest hot air balloon crash in U.S. history reportedly had at least four drunk driving convictions and had reportedly done two stints in prison, according to public records.  Whether those facts had anything to do with the horrific… read more

Florida Boating Accident Critically Injures Teen

A Fourth of July boating accident in Florida has resulted in critical injuries for one 17-year-old boy in Fort Lauderdale. The teen has not been identified by authorities, but apparently, he was steering the vessel, measured at between 17- and 20-feet, when the vessel struck… read more

Step-Down Provisions and Other Exclusions in Florida Auto Insurance Policies

Those who purchase car insurance in Florida are not only obeying the law, they are being responsible motorists and citizens. That said, it’s entirely possible that the coverage you think you bought isn’t actually what you have. Our Fort Myers car accident attorneys know the… read more

Carpenter v. Kenneth Thompson Builder, Inc. – Claim-Splitting Barred in Injury Cases

A personal injury lawsuit will not be allowed to proceed after a court found the plaintiff had improperly engaged in “claim-splitting,” a process barred by nearly every court in the country. In the case of Carpenter v. Kenneth Thompson Builder, Inc., it doesn’t appear the… read more