Chang v. Carnival Corp. – Cruise Ship Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit Dismissed Time Limits, Improper Forum

Statutes of limitations are pertinent to any personal injury lawsuit filed. Although these limits vary from state-to-state, the purpose is to avoid giving those injured an unlimited window in which to file a claim. In Florida, F.S. 95.11 allows for up to four years to… read more

In re: Aramark Sports – Duty to Warn of Inclement Weather, Vessel Limits in Fatal Boating Accident

A federal appeals court gave limited reprieve to a boat rental company defending itself in a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a 2009 boating accident in which two couples died and one other couple survived with injuries. The question was whether the boat rental company… read more

Fort Myers boating accident could involve mechanical defect

Three men remain hospitalized this week after a serious Fort Myers boating accident over the weekend, The News-Press reported. While speed was reportedly a factor in the accident, a Fort Myers boating accident attorney should be called to investigate whether a mechanical defect or other… read more

Safety awareness can help prevent South Florida boating accidents

With Memorial Day right around the corner, South Florida is gearing up for the height of boating season. Florida is the boating capital of the nation with more than 974,000 registered boats, and nearly 15 percent of the country’s boating accidents occur here each year…. read more