$20 Million Truck Accident Lawsuit Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Personal injury lawyers successfully worked to obtain $20 million for their client, who suffered brain injuries as a result of a truck accident. Though they had argued for $25 million in the case, they overcame defense arguments that plaintiff’s costs for past and future care… read more

Carter v. Reese – Good Samaritan Laws Protect Those Who Hurt While Trying to Help

Good Samaritan laws exist throughout the country and are intended to offer legal protection to persons who may otherwise be reluctant to provide assistance to someone who is injured, incapacitated or in danger. These laws can be complex and vary from state-to-state.  Florida’s Good Samaritan… read more

Commercial Trucks & Risks Inadequate Underride Protection in South Florida

One of our greatest dangers while traveling near tractor-trailers is the risk of underride. This is the problem we face in accidents with these big rigs — April 10, 2013