$20 Million Truck Accident Lawsuit Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Personal injury lawyers successfully worked to obtain $20 million for their client, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries as a result of a truck accident. Though they had argued for $25 million in the case, they overcame defense arguments that plaintiff’s costs for past and future… read more

Kozlov v. AWG – Contributory Negligence in Truck Accident Lawsuit

In many personal injury lawsuits, the issue of contributory negligence may be raised. Contributory negligence is the negligent conduct on the part of the injured party that contributes to the negligence of defendant(s) in causing the damage.  Every state has a different take on how… read more

Baumann v. Zhukov – Trucking Accident Liability

Multiple-vehicle crashes often happen when two or more vehicles strike one another in a chain of rear-end accidents. They can sometimes be the result of a single driver’s negligence, but chain reaction crashes often involve carelessness on the part of numerous drivers. However, determining causation… read more

More South Florida trucking accidents likely to result from increased weight limits

Road Safe America, an organization dedicated to reducing the number of motorists involved in accidents with semis and large commercial trucks, is urging Gov. Charlie Crist to veto a measure that would allow heavier trucks on Florida roads. Florida semi accidents continue to pose a… read more

Rash of South Florida semi accidents a reminder of the dangers large trucks pose to motorists

Several recent high-profile semi accidents in South Florida offer a stark reminder of the dangers large commercial trucks pose to motorists on the road. In Florida, semis can legally weight 80,000 pounds — a primary reason why South Florida trucking accidents are most often fatal… read more