Florida Supreme Court Nixes Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement

The Florida Supreme Court has settled a dispute among appellate courts in the state over whether nursing home defendants may compel arbitration in cases where the agreement was signed by a friend or family member. Essentially, unless there has been a court order investing that… read more

Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers: Choosing the Right Nursing Home

Florida insurance regulators recently revealed that two insurers have filed requests for sizable rate hikes – ranging from 20 percent up to 114 percent – in premiums for patients receiving long-term care. One of those, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, has asked for a rate hike… read more

Johnson v. Heritage Healthcare – Nursing Home Negligence Defendant Waived Right to Arbitrate

Most if not all nursing homes these days require new residents or representatives to sign a residential agreement upon admission. Sometimes, these agreements simply state that the resident has an obligation to pay their bill. But increasingly, these agreements include clauses called “arbitration agreements.”  These… read more

Reinshagen v. WRYP ALF LLC – Florida Nursing Home Abuse Claims and Arbitration

It has become standard for nursing homes and assisted care facilities in Florida to require new patients and/or their family members to sign arbitration agreements upon admission. These agreements are designed with the intention of patient signing away the right to sue in the event… read more

Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements Block Court Access

Should the elderly entering a nursing home be forced to sign away their right to justice in order to simply receive the care they need? Many lawmakers think not, and are mulling a measure that would do away with mandatory arbitration agreements for new nursing… read more

Changes to nursing home staffing laws could lead to South Florida neglect claims

A change in how minimum hours of care are computed could leave elderly residents at greater risk of nursing home neglect in South Florida, the Florida Times-Union reported. As we reported earlier this year on our South Florida Injury Lawyer Blog, nursing home lobbyists supported… read more

Budget cuts would increase risk of South Florida nursing home neglect and abuse

Florida’s underfunded and understaffed nursing home system is being targeted for further funding cuts as lawmakers work to balance the state budget, Sunshine News reported. Understaffed nursing homes and inadequately trained and poorly paid staff are primary causes of South Florida nursing home neglect and… read more