How Long Does a Fort Lauderdale Nursing Home Case Take to Get a Settlement?

Sadly, elder abuse in nursing homes is prevalent throughout the United States. As a result, many families seek legal advice regarding a nursing home abuse case.  It could take years for a nursing home case to settle once you file a notice of claim. The… read more

Florida Supreme Court Nixes Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement

The Florida Supreme Court has settled a dispute among appellate courts in the state over whether nursing home defendants may compel arbitration in cases where the agreement was signed by a friend or family member. Essentially, unless there has been a court order investing that… read more

Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers: Choosing the Right Nursing Home

Florida insurance regulators recently revealed that two insurers have filed requests for sizable rate hikes – ranging from 20 percent up to 114 percent – in premiums for patients receiving long-term care. One of those, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, has asked for a rate hike… read more