Victims, Families Searching For Answers After Miami Building Collapse Injures Hundreds

After the recent devastating collapse of a Surfside, Florida apartment building, people are searching for answers. Floridians and other U.S. citizens can generally expect facilities to adhere to building codes. The lack of answers makes this more tragic for those affected.  As of this writing,… read more

Mural Painter Dies in Florida Construction Accident in Hollywood

An artist hired to paint a giant mural on the side of a luxury beachfront condo under construction in Hollywood died after falling four stories when the scaffolding he was standing on collapsed. According to The Sun Sentinel, two other painters were also on the… read more

Schaefer v. Universal Scaffolding – Remedy for Spoliation of Evidence in Injury Lawsuit

Central to every injury lawsuit in Florida is the evidence. The truth is important, of course, but in the end, it’s more about what you can prove. That’s why motions to suppress are so important – if one party can suppress evidence from another, they… read more

Westphal v. St. Petersburg – Florida Injured Workers Win Big With Florida Supreme Court

For the second time this year, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that part of the state’s workers’ compensation system is unconstitutional.  This, however, came after the court declined to rule on a case that challenged the constitutionality of the entire system. In both cases it did… read more