Most Common Water Park Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

Warm, sunny Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida, and part of the reason is the abundance of family-friendly water parks.  Many cities are lucky to boast just one amusement park full of towering water slides, lazy rivers, and splash… read more

Newton v. Caterpillar Corp. et al – Civil Lawsuit After Work Injury

If you work in construction, landscaping or health care, you know there are many hazards that come with the job. Those who are injured at work in Florida may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, which are the exclusive remedy one has against his or her… read more

Piotrowski v. Menard, Inc. – Trip-and-Fall Injury Lawsuit Weighed by 7th Circuit

Trip-and-fall injuries can occur on a myriad of different walking surfaces, and are usually caused by an uneven walkway or some type of non-obvious obstruction or hole. These type of incidents can result in severe and sometimes disabling injuries, so it’s important to explore all… read more

Rogers v. Martin – Liability for Injury of Party Guest

As we head into the holiday season, many individuals and families will be hosting gatherings where they will invite loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Party hosts should be aware that when they invite people onto their property, they assume a degree of responsibility for the… read more

Shopping Cart Injury Results in $1.3 Million Jury Award

There has been much news lately about defective or dangerous products that may cause injury – Exploding airbags. Exploding phones. Exploding hoverboards. These concerns are legitimate, but the products that cause the most injuries are those that are seemingly much more benign. Take shopping carts, for example…. read more

Social Media Posts May Damage Sharpton Daughter’s Injury Lawsuit

Dominique Sharpton, daughter of American civil rights activist Al Sharpton, has come under fire after a number of social media posts emerged showing her hiking, dancing in high heels and traveling to Miami. None of this would likely be noteworthy to the public, except for… read more

Treadmill and Gym Injuries Offsetting Exercise Benefits, CPSC Says

Getting a workout is supposed to be beneficial to our health. However, there is growing evidence that certain equipment at the gym could be offsetting some of those benefits.  Every single year, thousands of Americans are suffering serious injuries – including torn muscles, strained backs… read more

Smotherman v. Cass Regional Medical Center: “No Court Can Guarantee Perfect Trial”

A slip-and-fall accident plaintiff in Missouri sought a retrial after learning that a juror who weighed her case engaged in misconduct by Googling the weather on the exact day of her injury. The Missouri Supreme Court, in its review of Smotherman v. Cass Regional Medical… read more

South Florida Woman’s Family Claims Negligent Security Led to Her Murder

Negligent security played an integral role in the death of a 59-year-old woman killed in her gated community home in Davie two years ago, her family alleges. The Sun-Sentinel reports the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the property management company as well as… read more

Bixenmann v. Dickinson Land Surveyors – Plaintiffs Needed Expert Witness to Prove Injury Lawsuit

When a person alleges negligence on behalf of a professional person who was acting in the scope of employment at the time of the purported wrongful act, it may be necessary for the plaintiff to secure expert witness testimony. In these cases, a finding of… read more

Bernardoni v. City of Saginaw – Sidewalk Trip-and-Fall Accident Lawsuit

Sidewalks are constructed solely for the purpose of providing a safe space to travel on foot, out of the way of cars or other traffic. Unfortunately, many sidewalks are a threat in and of themselves. Specifically, they can be a fall risk if they are… read more

Negligent Security Questions Raised in Wake of Florida Nightclub Shooting

Following a massacre at a nightclub in Orlando by an American security guard who claimed terrorist ties, Florida now has the dubious distinction of being the site of the largest modern-day mass shooting.  Investigators are still working to piece together what exactly happened and the… read more

Homeowner Liability For Home BBQ Mishaps

One of the best things about living in Florida is enjoying the outdoors on your lanai, rooftop or stoop – yes, even in the summer time. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there are countless cookouts throughout the Sunshine State. Many homeowners look forward to these gatherings,… read more

Chavez v. 24 Hour Fitness – Waiver of Liability Exceptions for Gross Negligence

Waivers of liability can be powerful defenses for businesses and individuals who have negligently acted and caused harm. However, just because a plaintiff has signed a waiver doesn’t necessarily mean there is no case. Although the Florida Supreme Court just this past year strengthened liability… read more