Should You Call the Cops for a Fender Bender in West Palm Beach?

Everyone is on the go in today’s world, so there’s a good chance you might find yourself in some type of minor fender bender situation. Should you call the police for a fender bender? It’s a reasonable question. Especially if there doesn’t appear to be a lot of car damage and everyone involved seems fine physically.

Calling the police after a fender bender accident is a wise decision. When the police are dispatched, they will complete an official crash report documenting the relevant details of the collision. 

This report becomes objective proof that the accident occurred and can be incredibly helpful in the future. With the report as evidence, any dispute or claim about the accident won’t come down to your word against another’s.

Everything Seems Fine After My Fender Bender – What Could Possibly Happen?

If you’ve been in a fender bender and have exchanged information with the other driver or property owner, it’s understandable that you want to just move on with your life and not involve the police. 

It’s important to know that many injuries from a minor car accident can present themselves days or weeks later. Additionally, you may not discover damage to your vehicle right away. 

A police report could help you with any personal injury or property damage claims you may want to make. Should an injury appear, you could be entitled to compensation from an insurance company or the other party involved. 

For most Florida car accident cases, you have four years to file a lawsuit. This means that if you don’t file a lawsuit in time, you may lose any opportunity to recover compensation. 

Should You Always Call the Police After a Car Accident?

Each state has its own laws regarding what to do when you get in a fender bender.

In Florida, you don’t need to report minor accidents to the police unless the accident resulted in injuries or death or caused property damage that appears to be $500 or more of damage. You should also immediately report a hit-and-run accident or an accident involving a drunk driver. 

Florida law says you need to immediately and by the quickest means of communication available notify the local police about these accidents.

Anyone who has used a mechanic knows that a $500 threshold is quite low. So do you have to call the police after an accident? In Florida, it’s a good idea, no matter how minor the accident seems. The police don’t need to come to the scene of the accident. The dispatcher will gather basic information from you to determine if they’ll send law enforcement. They’ll also advise you of your legal obligations after your crash, such as self-reporting the accident.

The Many Benefits of a Police Report

A traffic crash report serves as an independent and impartial record of the car accident. 

For a fender bender, it will include: 

  • Where and when the accident happened
  • A description of apparent damage to the vehicles or other property involved
  • Statements of the drivers and any witnesses to the crash
  • Weather information or other relevant facts

After you report the accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney for a free consultation. The police report will be beneficial to the attorney should you pursue a claim with an insurance company or against the other party involved. Having an attorney will be equally helpful should the other party involved come after you.

Call a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation After Your Fender Bender

Even in a fender bender, it’s wise to report the accident to the police and get the advice of an attorney. You never know what will happen. The other party might claim you were at fault when you weren’t and that they sustained an injury because of the accident. You’ll want an experienced car accident attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, on your side to make sure you are fairly represented. 

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