Wal-Mart Under Pressure to Improve Safety for Workers, Customers

Many millions of people are at a Wal-Mart every day, whether to work or to shop. The world’s largest box store sees an influx of customers around the winter holidays. Recently, questions have arisen as to whether the store is doing enough to ensure customers… read more

Deadly Warehouse Fire Likely to Spur Premises Liability Lawsuits

It was known as the “Ghost Ship.” It served as a showcase for a cluster of artist studios, illegal living quarters and the occasional underground dance party. Now, the shell of the warehouse in Oakland, CA is the site of one of the deadliest fires… read more

Rogers v. Martin – Liability for Injury of Party Guest

As we head into the holiday season, many individuals and families will be hosting gatherings where they will invite loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Party hosts should be aware that when they invite people onto their property, they assume a degree of responsibility for the… read more

Shopping Cart Injury Results in $1.3 Million Jury Award

There has been much news lately about defective or dangerous products that may cause injury – Exploding airbags. Exploding phones. Exploding hoverboards. These concerns are legitimate, but the products that cause the most injuries are those that are seemingly much more benign. Take shopping carts, for example…. read more

Treadmill and Gym Injuries Offsetting Exercise Benefits, CPSC Says

Getting a workout is supposed to be beneficial to our health. However, there is growing evidence that certain equipment at the gym could be offsetting some of those benefits.  Every single year, thousands of Americans are suffering serious injuries – including torn muscles, strained backs… read more

South Florida Woman’s Family Claims Negligent Security Led to Her Murder

Negligent security played an integral role in the death of a 59-year-old woman killed in her gated community home in Davie two years ago, her family alleges. The Sun-Sentinel reports the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the property management company as well as… read more

Dog Bite Injury Victim Awarded $1.4 Million

A 16-year-old who suffered serious injuries after being bitten by a Labrador retriever while at a friend’s house in Connecticut has been awarded $1.4 million by a state court judge. According to TheDay.com, the teen, who just entered his junior year of high school, has… read more

Bixenmann v. Dickinson Land Surveyors – Plaintiffs Needed Expert Witness to Prove Injury Lawsuit

When a person alleges negligence on behalf of a professional person who was acting in the scope of employment at the time of the purported wrongful act, it may be necessary for the plaintiff to secure expert witness testimony. In these cases, a finding of… read more

Negligent Security Questions Raised in Wake of Florida Nightclub Shooting

Following a massacre at a nightclub in Orlando by an American security guard who claimed terrorist ties, Florida now has the dubious distinction of being the site of the largest modern-day mass shooting.  Investigators are still working to piece together what exactly happened and the… read more

Homeowner Liability For Home BBQ Mishaps

One of the best things about living in Florida is enjoying the outdoors on your lanai, rooftop or stoop – yes, even in the summer time. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there are countless cookouts throughout the Sunshine State. Many homeowners look forward to these gatherings,… read more

Wheeling Park Commission v. Dattoli – Premises Liability Fall Case Falls Flat

In order to prove premises liability, plaintiffs must show that the property owner or manager knew or should have known that an unsafe condition existed and that there was a failure to warn or address the problem in a timely manner.  In the recent case… read more

Daher v. Pacha NYC – Challenges for Foreign Personal Injury Claimants in Florida

Last year, a record 105 million tourists visited the state of Florida. It was the fifth consecutive year for record visitation to the Sunshine State.  Of those who visited: 89.8 million were domestic visitors who traveled to Florida (reflecting an 8 percent increase over the… read more

Grimes v. Family Dollar Stores of Florida – Parking Lot Trip-and-Fall Lawsuit

When a parking lot trip-and-fall accident occurs in a landscaped area not intended for pedestrian foot traffic, can a property owner still be held liable?  According to Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals: It depends. In the recent case of Grimes v. Family Dollar Stores… read more

Roberts v. T.H.E. Ins. Co. – Hot Air Balloon Injury Liability

A hot air balloon injury resulted in a lawsuit against the operator of the tethered rides, but the litigation almost didn’t get off the ground. Recently, the Wisconsin Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling and granted plaintiffs the right to continue with their case,… read more

Hayes v. City of Plummer – Premises Liability and Recreational Use Statutes

Our laws hold property owners who invite others on site to a high standard in terms of protection of those guests. That involves making sure there are no unreasonable hazards and remedying those issues or warning guests when remedy isn’t immediately possible. However, there are… read more

Swimming Pool Product Liability Lawsuit Barred Under 12-Year Repose Statute

When products are unsafe because of improper design or errors in manufacturing, those who are injured by these defects have the option of pursing legal action against the manufacturers or distributors. However, they do not have infinite time to do this. The statute of limitations… read more

Bennett v. Highland Park Apartments – Premises Liability Lawsuit After Robbery

Liability for criminal actions almost exclusively rests with the criminal. However, in civil cases, that’s not always entirely true. There are some cases when third parties can be held responsible for the criminal actions of someone else. Mostly, we see this in premises liability cases,… read more

South Florida injury lawyers should represent victims of falls on business property

Retailers and lawmakers are making too big a deal out of a new law that went into effect July 1, which requires a South Florida injury lawyer to prove that a business knew or should have known about a dangerous condition that resulted in a… read more

South Florida pool drowing is a leading cause of death for small children

More children die as a result of swimming pool accidents in Florida than anywhere else in America. It is the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 4. And for every child that drowns, four will be seriously injured as a result of… read more