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Bedsores are common signs of nursing home abuse and negligence. You should not be worried that your loved one is not being cared for in a long-term care facility. Tragically, many residents are neglected and abused daily in West Palm Beach, Florida, nursing homes.

The West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyers at Hollander Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers fight to get justice for nursing home residents. We work with families to hold facilities and individuals accountable when they fail to provide adequate care for elderly and disabled residents. 

Residents of Palm Beach nursing homes deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. They also deserve to receive adequate care and treatment. 

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How Our West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers Help You Hold a Nursing Home Accountable for Abuse and Neglect

How Our West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers Help You Hold a Nursing Home Accountable for Abuse and Neglect

Residents in assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Palm Beach County could be bed-bound because of their health conditions. Bedsores quickly develop if nursing home staff members do not turn and reposition residents. A pressure ulcer can lead to dangerous complications and infections.

When you hire Hollander Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers to represent your loved one, our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyers handle your family member’s case personally. Nursing home residency should not equal abuse and neglect. We fight to stop nursing home neglect and abuse.

When you hire our legal team in West Palm Beach, FL, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate the nursing home to determine why your loved one and other residents are developing bed sores
  • Identify all parties responsible for your loved one’s injuries
  • Work with local and county law enforcement officials and agencies to address allegations of elder abuse and neglect at a nursing home
  • Document your loved one’s damages caused by decubitus ulcers and other conditions
  • File insurance claims and monitor those claims closely
  • Gather evidence proving negligence and liability
  • Calculate the value of your family member’s damages and fight to obtain that amount
  • Filing a lawsuit and aggressively pursuing the parties in court, if necessary

If you suspect your family member is being neglected or abused, contact our law office for a free consultation with an experienced West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer. 

What Are Bedsores?

A bedsore (a/k/a a pressure ulcer) is an area of the skin that breaks down because of continued pressure or rubbing against the skin. Bedsores are common in nursing homes because many patients cannot move without assistance from staff members. Therefore, the patients could remain in the same position for hours or days.

The symptoms of a bed sore vary depending on the stage of the bed sore. There are four stages of bedsores:

  • Stage One – Painful, red area on the skin that does not turn white if you press the area. The skin could be cool or warm, soft or firm.
  • State Two – Skin blisters form an open sore. The area surrounding the sore could be irritated and red.
  • Stage Three – A sunken, open hole called a crater forms. The tissue below the skin sustained damage. 
  • Stage Four – There is no damage to the bone and muscle because of the bedsore. In some cases, a bedsore could be deep enough to cause damage to the joints and tendons.

Bedsores form in any area subjected to continued pressure or rubbing. However, common areas of the body for bedsores include:

  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Elbows
  • Ankles
  • Back of head
  • Shoulders
  • Heels 

The dead skin caused by bedsores can appear yellow, brown, green, or tan. Deep tissue bedsores that develop under the skin are called deep tissue bedsores. They appear dark purple or maroon.

What Causes Bedsores for Nursing Home Residents in West Palm Beach?

The constant pressure from being left in the same position causes bedsores. The reason residents are neglected and left too long in beds and chairs include:

  • Negligent hiring practices, including hiring inexperienced individuals who are not qualified to work with elderly patients
  • Understaffing nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Inadequate and improper employee training
  • Failing to supervise staff members and residents
  • Failing to conduct background checks
  • Not having strict policies and procedures for turning and moving residents 
  • Failing to report bedsores to medical providers

Some bedsores may not be prevented even with proper care. However, most bedsores can be prevented when adequate care is provided to residents.

Suing a West Palm Beach Nursing Home for Bedsores

Nursing homes owe a duty of care to their patients. They must provide safe premises and adequate care. Neglect and abuse in nursing homes are a breach of the duty of care.

A resident can sue a nursing home for abuse and neglect. Additionally, elder abuse and neglect are crimes in Florida. Therefore, the staff members could face criminal charges.

An experienced nursing home abuse attorney in West Palm Beach can help you seek compensation for damages. Your loved one could receive damages for their economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Permanent disfigurement and impairments

In addition, a jury might “punish” the nursing home by awarding punitive damages. Bedsores cause extreme pain. Your family member deserves compensation for their pain, and the nursing home deserves to be held accountable for the wrongdoing that led to your loved one’s suffering. 

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