High Speed Accidents

When cars, trucks, motorcycles or other vehicles are traveling at high speeds, a crash can be deadly. A vehicle that is moving at a high velocity (high speed) has a higher level kinetic energy, and as the velocity increases the kinetic energy increases exponentially. Put simply, this means that if you are driving at 25 miles per hour and double your speed to reach 50mph, the kinetic energy of your vehicle increases fourfold. Should a crash occur at a high rate of speed, the g-forces on the vehicle and its occupants upon impact can lead to catastrophic injuries.

While most people associate speeding related accidents with motorists who are traveling above the speed limit, speeding accidents can also occur when a driver is operating within the posted limit but is driving too fast for road or weather conditions. For instance, you have probably seen many drivers on I-95 who continue to travel at 65mph (the posted limit on certain portions of the interstate) even during Fort Lauderdale’s most severe rain storms. While these drivers may technically be driving at or under the speed limit, they are driving far too fast for poor visibility and rain-slick conditions.

Speed related car crashes are also often tied to motorists who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Because drugs and alcohol impair judgment, people who get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs are likely to engage in risky driving behaviors such as speeding. Drunk and drug-impaired driving can lead to catastrophic speeding accidents because alcohol and drugs slow down the driver’s ability to react to sudden obstacles or changes in the road.

Speeding Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents caused by a speeding motorist can result in very serious and painful injuries, including.

  • Head trauma, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) – Concussions and other forms of TBI are serious injuries that can have lasting effects. For individuals who are diagnosed with severe forms of TBI, life may truly never be the same. Other forms of head trauma such as jaw and skull fractures, eye injuries, ear injuries, and significant scarring can have lifelong effects as well.
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCI) – Fractured vertebrae, herniated discs and other forms of SCI can lead to chronic pain and permanent physical limitations. In the most-severe cases, high-speed car accident victims can face full or partial paralysis. Even when recovery is possible, multiple surgeries and other forms of invasive treatment may be required, and victims will often face a long, difficult and expensive road to recovery.
  • Internal injuries – Organ damage, internal bleeding and other internal injuries can potentially have severe long-term health consequences as well, and accident victims will often need emergency medical treatment in order to prevent additional damage. The risk of internal injuries is among the most-important reasons why all high-speed car accident victims should seek medical attention regardless of their outward symptoms.
  • Amputation – Losing a digit or limb to amputation is an extremely traumatic experience from which many people never fully recover. As with all types of serious injuries, accident victims who are forced to undergo amputations will often be entitled to substantial compensation for their emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life and other non-financial losses.
  • Broken bones – The forces involved in high-speed car accidents are more than enough to cause bone fractures in all parts of the body. Broken arms, legs, ribs and collar bones (clavicles) are all common, and they all have the potential to lead to substantial medical bills and long-term disabilities. For accident victims whose injuries require surgery, broken bones can result in permanent scarring and disfigurement as well.
  • Torn ligaments and tendons – Soft tissue injuries can vary in terms of severity, and tears are the most-severe form. Torn ligaments and tendons typically require surgery, and high-speed accident victims who suffer these injuries will often have to undergo extensive physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy.
  • Whiplash – When your car stops suddenly due to a high-speed collision, your body keeps moving. Your seatbelt restrains your torso, but this causes your head to fall forward and then snap back in a violent motion. This violent motion causes whiplash, a condition that often involves multiple injuries to the soft tissue and nerves in the neck and upper spine. While accident victims who experience whiplash can usually recover, the recovery process can take time, and victims will often be coping with other serious traumatic injuries as well.
  • Wrongful Death – Tragically, many high-speed car accidents are fatal. The forces involved in these accidents can cause various injuries that can lead to death, and sadly many families are forced to endure the unimaginable experience of learning that a loved one has been killed as a result of someone else’s negligence. If you have lost a loved one, your family deserves just compensation, Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer Gregg Hollander is prepared to do everything in his power to hold the negligent driver accountable.

When a driver’s negligence and disregard for the safety of others is to blame for an accident, victims have the legal right to seek fair compensation for their losses and damages. Hollander Law Firm has over 25 years of experience helping car accident victims and their families get the justice they deserve. We know that these types of car accidents are preventable and are committed to holding drivers who choose to speed fully accountable for their actions.

Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Helping Speeding Victims throughout South Florida

Dealing with the aftermath of a speed-related car accident can be particularly difficult. You may be in tremendous pain and are probably wondering how you are going to pay for the medical care you need to recover from your injuries. Hollander Law Firm understands the challenges you are facing, and we will guide you through the process of recovering compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings and other expenses.

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