Negligent Shopping Center and Mall Security

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Holiday shopping seasons attract large crowds to malls and other retail venues. Because those crowds attract criminals, protect yourself with these tips from the Florida Highway Patrol:

  • Don’t walk to your car alone – take a friend along or walk with other shoppers.
  • If you are shopping alone and need to reach your car after dark, request that a mall security person accompany you.
  • Don’t leave your children unattended.
  • Accompany children if they need to go to the restroom.
  • Avoid restrooms in remote or isolated locations. Seek out facilities in populated areas such as the mall food court.

Source: Florida Highway Patrol.

Especially during the holidays, shopping centers and malls are alive with people and activities. However, enthusiastic crowds of shoppers may be particularly attractive to criminals who are on the lookout for potential victims. Outside the store areas, criminals may choose to prey on innocent shoppers as they return to their vehicles in parking lots and garages.

For muggers, thieves, and other attackers, dimly lit parking areas, mall restrooms, and other locales can provide isolation that sets the stage for attacks. If you or a loved one has been hurt because of lax security in a mall or shopping center, speak with a qualified lawyer about your rights.

News stories abound with reports of mall visitors who suffer injury and even death at the hands of troubled or criminal individuals. A holiday shooting at a Nebraska mall in 2007 injured a number of people and took the lives of nine shoppers.

Here in Naples, a 2010 incident found a youngster victimized by a sexual predator who concealed himself in a mall’s public restroom.

Merchants and owners of shopping facilities have a duty to provide safe premises for their customers. Making sure that customers have a safe shopping environment could extend beyond simply hiring security personnel. Those employees should be subject to screening and hiring standards appropriate to their positions. In addition, they should have the training they need to perform their jobs diligently and capably.

In these days of concerns about terrorism and other threats to the public, owners and managers of shopping centers and malls also should make an effort to imagine potential risk scenarios, taking time to create emergency action plans and formulating strategies to protect visitors to their properties in the event that those threats become reality.

If you or someone you care about has been mugged, assaulted or harmed otherwise on the premises of a shopping center or mall, you (or they) could suffer both physically and emotionally. You may lose valuable property to a thief. Negligence on the part of the property owner or manager could play a significant role in the injuries you sustain.

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