Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick’s Festival Safety Tips

The Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick’s Parade and Festival is almost here. The free event is one of the largest festivals in Ft. Lauderdale and kicks off on Saturday, March 16 at 10 am with the start of the festival at Tunnel Top Plaza. At noon, South Florida’s largest St. Patrick’s Parade travels along Las Olas Boulevard. The all-day festival includes games, live music, food, and, of course, beer.

By night, thousands will be painting the town green with St. Patrick’s Day specials and events at the city’s many bars. The Fort Lauderdale Official St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl is just one of many events that take over the festivities when the sun goes down. 

No matter how you intend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you plan ahead to enjoy a safe, fun holiday weekend.

#1. Have a Plan To Get Home Safely

Before you head out for a day of celebrations, have a plan for getting home. If you have a designated driver, make sure they are sober and have a backup plan just in case. 

Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber offer a convenient solution to get home. Make sure the app is set up with the correct payment method before you leave home. Be prepared for higher rates for the holiday. Plan where you will call for a ride; a good option is the Las Olas Parking Shop & Dine lot.

You can also turn to public transit options, including free LauderGO! transportation. 

  • LauderGO! Micro Mover – free on-demand service for downtown and the beach 
  • Riverwalk Water Trolley – free water trolley with eight stops along the river
  • LauderGO! Community Shuttle – five routes with free transportation, including the Las Olas Link 
  • Broward County Transit (BCT) – 36 regular bus routes, with Route 11 serving Tunnel Top Plaza and Riverwalk
  • Water Taxi – 20 stops, with $25 evening passes and $40 all-day passes (adult fare)
  • Broward B-Cycle – docked bike sharing with a dock at Las Olas & SE 9th Ave

Download the free “Ride Circuit” app for the Micro Mover to book rides or alert a driver to pick you up. The “LauderGo!” app lets you track the LauderGo! fleet in real-time. 

There are many options for getting around Ft. Lauderdale. Don’t let a friend drive impaired or ride in a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking. 

If you are going to be drinking and walking, it’s a good idea to have a sober friend walk with you. Fort Lauderdale leads the nation in fatal pedestrian accidents. 49% of pedestrian deaths involve drinking, either by the pedestrian or a driver. 

#2. Avoid Driving in the Evening and At Night If Possible

St. Patrick’s Day weekend has a high rate of alcohol-related car accidents. In a recent year, 36% of fatal accidents over the weekend involved a drunk driver

If you can, avoid driving in the evening and late at night on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. This is when you are more likely to share the road with intoxicated drivers. Fatal crashes involving drunk drivers are three times higher at nighttime, and 34% of these crashes happen on the weekend.

#3. Be Extra Cautious of Impaired Drivers On the Road

If you are a designated or sober driver, remember that other drivers may not be. Make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt and drive defensively. 

Watch for signs that another driver is impaired, which may include: 

  • Erratic changes in speed
  • Speeding
  • Swerving within a lane
  • Weaving between lanes
  • Failing to respond to traffic signs or signals, including staying stopped at a green light or stop sign
  • Driving without headlights

If you suspect that another driver is intoxicated, stay far behind them. Do not attempt to pass them. Dial *347 (FHP) or 911 to report drunk drivers on Florida roads.

#4. Remain Aware of Your Surroundings and Drink Responsibly

If you plan to go out drinking or participate in a pub crawl, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Never leave a drink unattended or accept a drink that was opened for you. Stay with your friends and watch out for them. Don’t let an intoxicated friend get behind the wheel; help arrange a safe way for them to get home. 

Know your limits and keep track of how much you’re drinking. Stay hydrated with the goal of drinking water between every beer. This helps counteract alcohol’s diuretic effects and makes it easier to pace yourself. 

Eat well before you start drinking, and eat regularly while you drink. Drinking on an empty stomach allows the alcohol to enter your blood faster, which makes it difficult to monitor your own intoxication. It also increases damage to your kidneys and liver

Follow These Tips To Stay Safe This St. Patrick’s Day in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The St. Patrick’s Parade and other weekend festivities are some of the most anticipated South Florida events in the spring. Make sure you enjoy the holiday safely by remaining aware of your surroundings, especially on the road, and planning a safe way home ahead of time.

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