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Were you injured in an accident in Sunrise, FL? If another individual’s negligence caused it, you may be able to hold them accountable for your financial, physical, and emotional losses.

The best way to secure a fair outcome is by hiring an experienced Sunrise personal injury lawyer. An attorney from Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers will be your strongest advocate and fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

We have nearly three decades of experience handling personal injury cases. Since opening our law firm’s doors in 1996, we’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars for accident victims throughout South Florida

To learn about our legal services and how we can help with your legal claim in Sunrise, Florida, contact our law firm at (954) 287-0566. We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help After an Accident in Sunrise, FL?  

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help After an Accident in Sunrise, FL?  

Personal injury cases often take considerable time and effort. If you’re struggling with injuries and seeking medical treatment, it can be challenging to take on a legal battle. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer will handle your case and alleviate the stress of dealing with negotiations and paperwork. We have the skills and resources to maximize your financial recovery and obtain favorable results in your case.

If you hire our personal injury law firm after being injured in Sunrise, FL, we’ll: 

  • Investigate what caused your accident and who is liable for your damages
  • Gather compelling evidence to prove each element of your claim 
  • Consult experts if necessary 
  • Accurately assess the value of your personal injury case
  • Negotiate with the insurance company and others on your behalf 
  • Fight for you in court if we do not obtain a fair settlement

Contact our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation with a Sunrise personal injury attorney.

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How Common Are Accidents in Sunrise, Florida? 

In 2022, Broward County, home of Sunrise, FL, experienced 35,470 car crashes. These accidents injured 20,942 and killed 237 people. 

Broward County also had: 

  • 613 bicycle crashes
  • 645 motorcycle crashes
  • 861 pedestrian accidents

As of June 3, 2023, there have been 15,253 car accidents in Broward County. They’ve resulted in 9,612 injuries and 76 fatalities. 

While collisions are the most common type of accident, people are injured in various other ways. 

For example, more than 600 Floridians are hospitalized due to dog bite injuries each year, and 315 people died in Florida workplace accidents in 2021.

Our Law Firm Handles All Personal Injury Cases in Sunrise, Florida

The legal team at Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers can help with any type of personal injury matter, including: 

  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Scooter accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Workers’ compensation 
  • Construction accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Wrongful death
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Assault

Call us today to discuss how you were injured and your options for obtaining compensation for your losses.

How Much Is My Sunrise Personal Injury Case Worth? 

The value of your personal injury claim will depend on various factors, as each case is unique. 

When we’re calculating your damages, we’ll evaluate:

  • Your injuries and their severity 
  • Whether you’re permanently disabled or impaired
  • The medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses you’ve incurred
  • Your lost wages and ability to earn a living
  • Whether you contributed to the Florida accident
  • The physical and emotional toll of the accident
  • The parties involved in the case

Typically, victims who suffer severe injuries recover more money than others. However, when determining how much your case is worth, we’ll look at all factors that can affect the value of your damages.

What Damages Are Available After an Accident in Florida? 

Personal injury victims in Florida can recover compensation for their economic damages, which are the expenses and financial losses stemming from the accident. They can also seek recovery for their non-economic damages, representing the personal effects of the incident. 

Economic damages may include: 

  • Lost income and job benefits
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages in a personal injury claim may include: 

  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Inconvenience 
  • Reduced quality of life 
  • Loss of companionship and support

Punitive damages are also available in cases where the court finds that the defendant’s conduct warrants punishment. However, they are only awarded in rare cases.

Non-economic and future damages can be difficult to calculate. They often require the assistance of a financial expert to ensure that you receive the amount you need now and in the future. Our legal team has built relationships with leading financial experts and others who can assist in proving your damages. 

Can I Recover Compensation If I’m Partly At Fault for My Accident in Sunrise, FL? 

In a Florida personal injury case, everyone who shares fault for the accident is assigned a percentage of blame. That includes the victim who files the claim. 

Under the state’s modified comparative negligence law, if you share more than 50% of the blame, you’re barred from recovering compensation from the opposing party. Your award will be reduced if you’re 50% or less responsible. 

For example, if you’re 30% at fault for a motor vehicle accident, you’ll only be entitled to 70% of your awarded compensation. 

Insurance adjusters know about comparative fault and often use it to limit payouts. However, they must have evidence to back up their claims. 

If you’re being blamed for a Sunrise accident, contact our law firm for immediate assistance.

How Do I Prove My Personal Injury Case? 

Most personal injury claims arise due to a person’s negligent behavior. 

If you file a claim, you’ll have to prove the following elements of negligence

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant breached their duty by failing to act reasonably under the circumstances
  • The defendant’s careless actions caused your injuries
  • You suffered damages

Other cases, such as those involving product liability, may be based on strict liability. These claims will have different elements. 

Regardless, the following types of evidence can be helpful in a personal injury case: 

  • Accident report
  • Police report
  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Expert witness opinions
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • Surveillance footage
  • Employment records
  • Cell phone records 

Our Sunrise accident attorney will work to gather the evidence required to prove your case. 

We’ll Fight To Recover Compensation for All of Your Injuries 

Accidents can cause various types of injuries, whether you fell while shopping in Sawgrass Mills or injured yourself in an auto accident. 

At Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers, we’ve helped victims who have sustained: 

You deserve compensation if your injuries resulted from another person’s carelessness. Call our personal injury lawyer in Sunrise to discuss your legal options. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Broward County, FL? 

Many people are hesitant to seek legal help because they worry about the cost. However, most personal injury lawyers throughout Florida take cases on a contingency fee basis. 

Under this payment structure, you will not owe any money upfront for representation. You only pay attorney’s fees if your lawyer obtains a settlement or court award for you. Your attorney will deduct their fees from the awarded compensation before disbursing the funds to you. 

After an accident, you may be struggling with bills. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from accessing quality legal services. That’s why the contingency fee arrangement is favored for personal injury cases. 

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit in Florida?

Florida’s statute of limitations provides a deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll typically have two years to take legal action against the opposing party. The deadline starts on the date of the accident or, in the event of wrongful death, the date of death. 

There may be exceptions. For example, negligence-based claims used to have a four-year statute of limitations. However, the law was revised on March 24, 2023. If your accident happened before that date, you may have up to four years to file. 

Don’t risk missing the deadline that applies to your case. If you do, you’ll lose your right to file suit against the at-fault party. Contact a Florida personal injury lawyer today to discuss your case.

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If you were injured by another party’s negligence in Sunrise, FL, they should pay for your resulting losses. An attorney at Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers can help you hold them accountable and get you back on your feet. 

Call our law office today to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Sunrise, Florida. 

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