What Percentage Do Lawyers Take for a Personal Injury Case in Fort Lauderdale

Attorney fees for personal injury cases in Fort Lauderdale, as well as generally across Florida and throughout the country, are usually based on a concept known as a contingency fee. Understanding these fees is essential when seeking compensation so that you know what to expect.

A contingency fee means that an attorney’s payment is “contingent” upon them winning your personal injury case. In other words, if the case is not won in court or settled successfully and you don’t receive compensation, you’re typically not responsible for paying any legal fees. 

What Is the Typical Percentage for a Contingency Fee?

The percentage taken will vary from lawyer to lawyer and even case by case. However, it commonly ranges from 30% to 40%. The most typical price point lies around one-third of your settlement amount or trial award. You should always discuss this with your lawyer because every professional and firm handles this a little differently.

Several factors can contribute to the variation in percentage an attorney might take from your award. For example, the complexity of the case is a prime determinant. The more complex your case is, the higher the percentage a lawyer may require. 

This involves situations where legal issues are sophisticated or unusual, requiring additional hours of research and evidence gathering. Other considerations are how long the case might take, whether the case settles or goes to trial and the experience and reputation of the attorney.

Other Costs To Be Aware of

In a personal injury case, attorney fees aren’t the only expenses to consider. There are other litigation costs and out-of-pocket expenses that you need to keep in mind as well. 

These costs typically include court filing fees, expert witness fees if an expert is needed to support your claim with their specialized knowledge, and administrative expenses for deposition transcripts and copies of medical records.

How these various expenses are handled and billed can differ from attorney to attorney. In some situations, your lawyer may require you to pay these fees whether your case is successful or not.

On the other hand, many personal injury lawyers cover these costs initially and then deduct them from the final settlement or court judgment. If your case does not result in a successful financial recovery through settlement or at trial, you may not be responsible for repaying those advanced costs.

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of how your attorney handles these fees and expenses right from the start – make sure this information is part of your signed agreement. By doing so, you won’t find yourself surprised by unexpected costs once your case concludes. 

Benefits of a Contingency Fee Agreement

Contingency fee agreements in personal injury cases hold numerous benefits for you as a client, some of which include:

No Upfront Costs 

As a potential client grappling with injuries and medical bills, contingency agreements eliminate the need to shell out any immediate money for legal fees or retainers. This provides essential access to justice by allowing those who may not be able to afford upfront costs to work with a skilled lawyer. 

Risk Reduction

These agreements also greatly reduce your financial risk. Your attorney shoulders most of the risks since they only receive payment if they successfully win or settle the case. This means there’s almost no reason (at least financially) you shouldn’t pursue a legal claim if your lawyer believes you have a valid claim. 

Motivation for Lawyers

Contingency fees can motivate your lawyer to work harder towards securing a fair settlement or winning at trial, as their pay hinges directly on the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit. Consequently, this structure often leads to stronger representation, benefiting everyone involved. 

Filters Out Weaker Claims

The contingency fee structure works as a built-in filter mechanism for legal cases. Because lawyers take on significant financial risk in accepting a case on contingency, they will inherently be selective about which cases they take. Personal injury attorneys are likely to take your case only if it shows legitimate merit and there is a substantial chance of winning or reaching a settlement.

The Contingency Fee Structure Helps You Obtain Excellent Representation

Personal injury cases can be overwhelming and intricate, often involving intense negotiations with the defendant or insurance companies – or even heading to trial. It’s crucial for you to understand how the contingency fee structure works so you can effectively navigate your legal journey and know that you can obtain quality representation. 

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