The Mirena Crash Is Real, and It’s Affecting Countless Women

If you or someone you love has relied on an intrauterine device (IUD), you may have heard of the Mirena crash, which can occur after a doctor removes a Mirena IUD. This side effect can result in various mental and physical symptoms that can interfere with a person’s life. 

You may be legally owed compensation if you have experienced this devastating condition. It is important to speak with a Florida personal injury attorney to determine whether you can claim financial recovery for the harm you have sustained.

Mirena Crash Following IUD Removal

The term “Mirena crash” refers to the discomfort and anguish that happens as a result of removing a Mirena IUD. The cause of this crash is the removal of the synthetic hormones provided by the device. 

The user’s body may not adjust to this sudden change for days or weeks. The resulting condition is called “estrogen dominance.” 

While using the Mirena IUD can result in dangerous side effects, so can removing the device. Some women suffer the resulting symptoms for a long period. 

Common symptoms of the Mirena crash are: 

  • Drastic shifts in mood and emotion
  • Increases in anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression
  • Added strain on personal or professional relationships from behavioral changes
  • Vomiting, stomach pain, and nausea
  • Tenderness in the user’s breasts
  • Persistent fatigue and tiredness
  • Significant changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of libido
  • Pain during sexual encounters 

Severe cases of the Mirena crash can result in the user experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Although many of the symptoms are not life-threatening, victims still experience significant suffering as a result of the Mirena crash. 

When a pregnancy coincides with Mirena IUD use, the possibility of birth injuries increases. 

Those who become pregnant while an IUD is in place are at risk of: 

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Premature birth
  • Fetal abnormalities
  • Birth defects
  • Miscarriage 

IUDs manufactured by Mirena have been found to migrate from the site of initial implantation, putting the user’s uterine wall at risk of being punctured.

Those who have suffered because they used or removed the Mirena IUD deserve compensation for their losses. 

Product Liability Lawsuits for Mirena IUDs

When consumers of medical devices sustain harm, they are often entitled to receive compensation for their losses. Dangerous products should never be brought to the market. 

Medical product manufacturers owe consumers a duty of care. When they are negligent in this duty, victims of their actions may have a legal claim for damages.  

Filing a product liability lawsuit is a complex process, requiring specialized legal knowledge. For this reason, it is critical to speak with a seasoned Florida attorney about the facts of your case.

Damages in Florida Product Liability Claims

Pursuing a successful product liability claim can result in significant repayment for the costs you incurred as a result of your condition. Many product liability plaintiffs can recover economic damages with the help of an attorney. 

These payments are intended to make up for monetary losses from their injury. Some examples of economic damages include compensation for: 

  • Therapy and counseling costs
  • The price of reparative medical treatments
  • Loss of income from missed work 

Victims can be compensated for other types of harm through non-economic damages. These subjective harms can include: 

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you accurately calculate the value of your claim. Manufacturers and the companies that insure them will often try to downplay the value of these damages. 

Do not let this happen in your case. Let a dedicated product liability attorney review your Mirena IUD case and fight on your behalf for every cent you are owed.

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