Feds Issue Warning to Hoverboard Manufacturers, Distributors

Reports of hoverboard injuries and fires continue to amass. New York and Boston have banned the devices from subways, buses, trains and stations. They are also banned on airlines. Recently, two children in Nashville almost died and their home burned to the ground in January… read more

Accident Risk High When Distracted, Smart Cars Help

Distracted drivers are more than twice as likely to crash their vehicle. That’s according to a recent Virginia Tech study published in the journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. This was the first large-scale, crash-only analysis of naturalistic driving data to study this… read more

Report: Florida Renters Pay More for Car Insurance

A new study by national consumer group Consumer Federation of America revealed that drivers in Florida who rent – as opposed to own – a residence are charged 10 percent more for car insurance. In some places across the country, it’s even worse, with auto… read more

Chavez v. 24 Hour Fitness – Waiver of Liability Exceptions for Gross Negligence

Waivers of liability can be powerful defenses for businesses and individuals who have negligently acted and caused harm. However, just because a plaintiff has signed a waiver doesn’t necessarily mean there is no case. Although the Florida Supreme Court just this past year strengthened liability… read more

Maddox v. Bullard – Keeping Compulsory Medical Exams Within Scope

If you have been injured, whether in a car accident or as a result of a work injury or from a dog bite, you can expect if you sue that the defense will likely request a compulsory medical exam. Sometimes referred to as an “independent”… read more

Florida ranks in “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report”

Officials with the Allstate Insurance Company have recently released the 9th annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.”  Every year, officials with the insurance company release their findings on the safest places to drive in the U.S.  Officials look at claims and they look at the… read more

Commercial Trucks & Risks Inadequate Underride Protection in South Florida

One of our greatest dangers while traveling near tractor-trailers is the risk of underride. This is the problem we face in accidents with these big rigs — April 10, 2013

Car Accidents in Boca Raton: When Officers are Involved

A recent car accident in Boca Raton near Palmetto Park Road and Boca Rio Road left a woman in critical condition. According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, she was involved in an accident with one of their off duty officers. Officers report that she… read more