Increased risk of Florida car accidents on dangerous roads; Florida has two of the nation’s three deadliest highways

If there were lingering doubts among motorists about the dangers of driving in Florida, the Daily Beast erased them with the publication of its list of the nation’s most dangerous roads: Florida joined the Top 3 not once, but twice. It also took a third spot in the Top 15.

Florida traffic accidents claimed 2,978 lives in 2008. Only California (3,434) and Texas (3,382) were deadlier places to drive, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

South Florida car accident lawyer Gregg Hollander and the team at The Hollander Law Firm, urge motorists to practice safe driving habits and stay safe this summer, during what Road Safe America calls the “100 deadliest days.” During the last 5 years, the months of June, July and August have accounted for the majority of all fatal traffic accidents — more than 50,765 deadly wrecks in all.

Now the Daily Beast reports that Florida’s I-95 is the deadliest highway in the nation: 382 miles of road led to 765 fatalities in the last five years, or 1.73 fatal accidents per mile of road.

I-4 placed third, with 132 miles of road and 234 traffic fatalities, while I-75 placed 15th, with 471 miles of road and 626 traffic fatalities. Some roads really are more dangerous than others, whether because of congestion, faulty design or roadside distractions. An experienced injury lawyer can thoroughly investigate your case and help determine whether your crash occurred in an accident-prone area. When a faulty or defective road contributes to a serious or fatal accident, a claim may be filed against others who share responsibility for the accident, in addition to the at-fault driver.

The Daily Beast’s list divided total fatal accidents by the number of highway miles to determine the roads with the highest accident rates in the nation. The nation’s Top 5 deadliest roads are:

1) I-95 in Florida: 382 miles/662 fatal accidents/765 fatalities/1.73 per mile.
2) I-76 in New Jersey: 3 miles/5 fatal accidents/6 fatalities/1.64 per mile.
3) I-4 in Florida: 132 miles/209 fatal accidents/234 fatalities/1.58 per mile.
4) I-15 in California: 287 miles/437 fatal accidents/506 fatalities/1.52 per mile.
5) I-10 in California: 243 miles/341 fatal accidents/387 fatalities/1.41 per mile.

Other Florida highways on the list:

15) I-75: 471 miles/536 fatal accidents/626 fatalities/1.14 per mile.
57) I-10: 362 miles/234 fatal accidents/272 fatalities/ .65 per mile.