How Many MPH Can I Go Above the Speed Limit in West Palm Beach?

There is a misconception drivers have about speed limits in West Palm Beach, FL. Many people believe police officers will not stop them if they go less than five to ten miles under the posted speed limit. That is simply not correct.

A police officer might issue you a warning for speeding less than 5 mph over the posted speed limit. However, the police officer could give you a traffic ticket exceeding the posted speed limit by any speed. Speeding could also negatively impact a personal injury claim if you are injured in a car accident. 

What Are the Speed Limits in West Palm Beach, FL?

The state enforces speed limits to deter reckless driving and reduce the risk of traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. However, the speed limit for a particular road or area varies. The state and local governments set the speed limits based on various criteria. 

Section 86-146 of the West Palm Beach Code of Ordinances sets a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour on all streets and ten miles per hour on city alleys. However, the speed limits can be increased or decreased as authorized by state law or other city ordinances. The Code of Ordinances lists several alterations to speed limits in West Palm Beach.

You can receive a traffic ticket for exceeding the posted speed limit. Furthermore, you can also receive a traffic ticket for exceeding speed limits in designated speed zones. Designated speed zones include:

  • Construction zones
  • Public or private school zones
  • Manual or electronic toll collection facility
  • Near the scene of a traffic accident
  • Any section of road that has a speed zone marked by appropriate signage

Warnings are less likely in designated speed zones. Officers will likely issue a traffic ticket if you exceed the speed limit in these zones. 

Violating the speed limit in designated speed zones results in enhanced penalties. The fines for speeding in these areas can be very high. In some cases, the fine may double and could go even higher. 

Most speeding tickets are traffic violations. However, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony charge for excessive speeds.

How Does Speed Impact a Car Accident Claim?

As speed increases, the risk of a car accident also increases. Furthermore, higher rates of speed at the time of a collision increase the risk of sustaining severe and catastrophic injuries. 

Therefore a speeding accident can cause traumatic injuries leading to more significant economic damages. Medical bills, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses typically increase as the severity of the injury increases.

Furthermore, the non-economic damages may have a higher value because it is presumed that traumatic injuries cause a higher degree of pain and suffering. Speeding accidents can result in higher damages for a personal injury case.

Speeding can negatively impact your case if you were the one speeding, however.

Speeding and Florida’s Comparative Fault Statute

Florida’s comparative fault statute does not bar you from recovering compensation if you are partially to blame for the cause of the car crash. But it can significantly lower the amount of money you receive for your claim.

The state’s pure contributory fault standard states that an injured party’s fault for the cause of their injury reduces their damages by the level of responsibility for the accident. 

For example, suppose a jury finds that you contributed to the cause of your car accident because you were speeding. The jurors find that you contributed to the cause of the crash by 45%. Therefore, your compensation for damages would be cut almost in half.

If the jury awarded you $400,000 for damages, you would only receive $220,000. That figure equals the total damages less 45% for fault. 

It is important to remember that you do not need to receive a speeding ticket for the defense to allege you were speeding. Your statements to the police officer, witnesses, and insurance adjuster could be used against you.

Also, the insurance company might have other evidence you were speeding. For example, if you use an insurance app on your phone that records your driving behavior and speed, that information could be used as evidence of speeding.

What Should You Do After a West Palm Beach Accident?

Report the accident to the police and seek immediate medical attention. If possible, document the accident scene by taking pictures and making a video. Ask eyewitnesses to give you their names and contact information. 

Before speaking with an insurance adjuster or other insurance representative, it is best to seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer. Allowing an attorney to handle all communications with the insurance company protects you from aggressive insurance practices used to deny and undervalue insurance claims.

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