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Along Southwest Florida’s Paradise Coast, Naples is a gateway to the lower Gulf coast and the Everglades. Thriving commerce in this Collier County seat means that traffic from commercial trucking is brisk. Produce is shipped out of the area, while goods and supplies to feed tourism and other local industry are channeled in.

Naples’ desirability as a residential area also ensures that constant shipments of buildings and other materials must travel local roads. If you have been involved in a truck accident, contact Gregg Hollander, the personal injury attorney that Naples residents rely on.

An experienced Naples truck accident lawyer, Attorney Hollander founded his practice nearly two decades ago on his unshakeable commitment to personal service and tenacious representation for accident victims.

The Hollander Law Firm’s reputation for excellence has made it a leading choice of South Florida residents when they sustain serious injuries in truck accidents, car accidents, boating accidents, medical malpractice events, slip-and-fall accidents, and other situations.

Here in Florida, more than 60,000 traffic accidents per year involve trucks. Most of those are light trucks, but some 3,329 involve heavy trucks. As an experienced personal injury attorney who handles all types of motor vehicle crash cases, Gregg Hollander has seen the serious damage a large commercial truck can cause.

Across Florida, heavy trucks are involved in 58 fatal crashes in a year’s time. Another 1,821 truck accidents leave people with injuries.

Because big tractor-trailer rigs and other heavy trucks so greatly outweigh cars, vehicle occupants may sustain serious injuries when truck crashes occur. Crushing wounds may leave victims with multiple broken bones and severe internal injuries.

Damage to the spinal cord or serious head wounds can translate into permanent disability when paralysis or brain damage result. If you’ve been badly hurt by a negligent or careless truck driver, you could be in for long-term medical treatment. If your injuries keep you from working, lost wages will be a concern, especially if you’re the family breadwinner.

At the Hollander Law Firm, we take a personal approach to each case. Naples Truck Accident Attorney Gregg Hollander knows how upsetting motor vehicle accidents are. He understands that it’s normal to feel fear, confusion, and many other emotions when you’re hurt and wondering what your future holds.

The Hollander Law Firm’s resources include professionals in medicine, law, investigation and other fields. Together, we work to uncover evidence and provide the support and information Attorney Hollander needs to build a strong case for your financial recovery.

In its nearly two decades of successful service to accident victims in Naples and other South Florida communities, the Hollander Law Firm has established its reputation for respectful treatment of every client we serve. Under the guidance of Gregg Hollander, our firm has helped thousands of injury victims recover the compensation they need to ensure ongoing medical treatment and replacement of lost wages.

As an accomplished negotiator outside the courtroom and a powerful opponent as a trial lawyer, Gregg Hollander has taken on large trucking companies, insurance firms, and other interests in order to pursue justice for accident victims. He has the know-how and the tenacity to represent you effectively. Even in the most complex cases, Attorney Hollander’s intellect and skills shine.

When you or someone you love has been hurt in a truck accident or other motor vehicle collision, call on the proven legal resource that Naples residents and visitors trust. The Hollander Law Firm is pleased to offer you a free consultation to discuss your case.

When Gregg Hollander represents you, you’ll rest in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a strong attorney who makes your best interests his priority. You pay the Hollander Law Firm no fees or charges of any sort unless we make a financial recovery for you.