Young Driver Blamed for Fatal Boca Raton Auto Accident

A recent fatal accident on Palmetto Park Road was allegedly caused, at least in part, by a driver who the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office reports was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


According to Boca News Now, the 22-year-old driver in question was allegedly under the influence when the accident happened around 11:00 p.m.  The accident report indicates that the young driver was heading west on Palmetto Park Road when he sideswiped a car stopped for a red light, and then proceeded through the red-light intersection.  He went on to hit another vehicle before coming to rest after crashing into a tree.

Our Boca Raton car accident lawyers understand that people tend to drink the heaviest in their late teens and early to mid-twenties.   These twenty-somethings are also more likely to binge drink and to drink heavily, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.  Such risky drinking oftentimes results in tragic consequences — most notably alcohol-related traffic deaths.  As a matter of fact, close to a third of drivers between 16 and 20 who were killed in traffic accidents in 2003 had a measurable amount of alcohol in their blood.  Likewise, more than half of drivers between 21 and 24 who were killed in these tragic accidents tested positive for alcohol.

In a recent year, people aged 16 to 24 were involved in 28 percent of all alcohol-related driving accidents, although they make up only 14% of the U.S. population. As colleges classes resume, and we enter the height of football season in South Florida, we see increasing risks in the coming weeks.

More than 6,600 impaired drivers are involved in fatal accidents every year, causing about 10,000 deaths. About half of those accidents are caused by drivers with blood-alcohol levels at or below 0.16 percent.

For young drivers, alcohol involvement in fatal crashes is higher among male drivers than their female peers – more than 25 percent among males compared to roughly 15 percent among females.

We’re asking parents and guardians to step in and to help combat this problem.  Adults are asked to talk with the young drivers in their lives about the risks and the consequences involved with drinking and driving.

Officials with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are here to help parents.   Alcohol can seem so common and familiar that parents might forget how risky drinking is for young people. Alcohol kills more teens than all other illegal drugs combined.

The Bottom Line:

Help your young driver to develop better thinking and better decision-making skills about both short- and long-term consequences of alcohol use, even if your young driver shows no interest.  You’d be surprised by how powerful your influence.

Take an active role in teaching teens and young adults responsibility.  Set clear expectations for their behavior and enforce consequences when these expectations are not met.  Consider creating a parent-teen driving contract so both these expectations and consequences are laid out and in stone for the both of you.  Stay true to this contract.  Your influence and your guidance can save their life.

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