Visiting Nursing Homes Over the Holidays?

It’s that time of the year again when we truly appreciate the preciousness of our friends and family. During the holidays, many families drop in on nursing homes and assisted living centers to check up on their elderly loved ones. During your visit this year, we encourage friends and family members to keep an eye out for any signs of nursing home abuse or neglect.

In other cases, holiday visits will make it apparent that an aging loved one will need professional care in 2013 — and your choice of facilities can have a significant impact on their remaining quality of life.

Our Collier County nursing home neglect attorneys understand elder abuse is far too common. Consider the following quick facts when choosing a nursing home for your loved ones. Do your research and make sure you pick the most suitable home for their needs. While dropping in on them for the holidays, keep an eye out for any signs of mistreatment as well. Our elderly loved ones may never speak up about poor living and treatment conditions, so it’s our job to be the angel in disguise and protect them from the demons of this industry.

Nursing Home Quick Facts:

-Currently, there are close to 1.5 million Americans in nursing homes.

-About a third of all nursing homes have residents that are subject to abuse.

-In 2005, nearly all nursing homes in the country had at least one deficiency.

-Most of the time, (about 90 percent) abusers are unknown.

-In 1999, there were approximately 5,000 fatalities resulting from nursing home negligence.

-Only about 20 percent of abuse and neglect cases are ever reported.

-It has been calculated that at least 30 incidents of aggression can go down during a single 8-hour shift.

-About a third of all nursing home patients are currently on an antipsychotic drug.

-A single nursing aid oftentimes looks after 30

-There aren’t enough beds in nursing homes to serve the whole elderly population of the U.S.

-About 50 percent of patients in nursing homes don’t have any kind of close friends or family members.

-About 90 percent of nursing homes throughout the country don’t have a staff large enough to properly care for all residents.

-The average cost for a private room in a nursing home (as of 2001) was close to $200,000.

-About a quarter of all nursing homes have been cited for the serious injury of the death of a resident.

When visiting your elderly loved ones, keep a lookout for the following signs of abuse and neglect. If you spot any of these, start asking questions and contact an experienced attorney.

Signs of Verbal Abuse:

-Habitual Blaming

-Habitual Scapegoating



-Intimidation through verbal threats or through yelling.

Signs of Psychological Abuse (Nonverbal):

-Ignoring Patients

-Isolating Patients from Others

-Menacing or Terrorizing

Physical Abuse:



-Administering Inappropriate Drugs

-Unlivable Conditions

-Failing to Provide Physical Therapy

-Keeping Residents Seated/Lying too Long

-Service Unsatisfactory Meals

-Sexual Abuse