Victims and Drivers: The Cost of Pedestrian Accidents

Florida is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians and has some of the highest fatality rates on record. Good weather, a beach culture, and an active population mean more pedestrians, bikers, and motorists on the road. With the heavy foot traffic, both drivers and pedestrians should be aware of the potential for accidents. Drivers should also keep in mind, that the costs of a pedestrian accident are high, and can have an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Drivers who are responsible for killing pedestrians will often face a lifetime of pain and anguish. Even when police reports indicate that the collision was an accident and a driver does not face criminal charges, the knowledge of being responsible for a death is haunting. Our West Palm Beach accident attorneys are experienced with handling cases involving pedestrian injury. We want to prevent future accidents and keep drivers aware of the potential consequences they will face after an accident.

Many pedestrian accidents occur because of driver error. But other fatal accidents can be the result of improper signage, construction, or inclement weather. Drivers must take extra caution around pedestrians, especially in work zones, dense urban areas and tourism centers. Pedestrians also should not assume that a driver will see them. In any case involving a pedestrian collision, it is important to preserve relevant evidence, including witness statements.

A large number of pedestrian accidents are the result of distracted driving. A driver may glance at a text or read an email, losing just enough time to cause a collision involving a pedestrian. In many cases, a driver will look up without enough time to stop. The images of a pedestrian accident will often haunt the driver for life. For many drivers who are involved in pedestrian accidents, recovering can take months or years.

Drivers involved in pedestrian fatalities can become isolated, depressed, and never seem to overcome the tragedy. In addition to the financial costs and the potential for litigation, many drivers will be unable to move past their guilt and shame involving the accident. Though there are counseling options available, many of these drivers will never fully recover from the tragedy. In some cases, drivers will relive the trauma or take drastic measures, including suicide.

Pedestrian accidents that result in death are catastrophic and devastating regardless of the consequences. Even a driver who knows that the accident was just that—an accident, may find it difficult to recover from the feelings associated with being involved in another’s death. Victim’s families may also find it difficult not to blame the driver responsible.

Accident cases are complicated and often involve competing versions of the events. Whether you were the driver, the victim, or a loved one, it is important to consult with an experienced accident investigator or advocate who can help protect your interests. An accident reconstructionist can also help to recreate the events to determine the cause of the accident and identify responsible parties.

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