Undivided Roadways and Non-intersections a High Risk for Pedestrians in Fort Myers and Boca Raton Accidents

Pedestrian activity is at a higher rate in Florida than other states not only because we have many tourist attractions that draw outsiders to visit, but also because we have plenty of warm sunshine throughout the year which makes Florida an attractive state to escape to.

It comes as no surprise to Boca Raton pedestrian accident attorneys that Florida ranks pretty high among states for the most pedestrian fatalities each year. Florida ranked second in 2009, only behind California.

The compelling truth is that considering the number of tourists, older adult population and youth we have, which are generally more at risk, it is no wonder that pedestrian accidents in Boca Raton, Naples and elsewhere register at such a high number compared to other states. Pedestrians are at risk when motorists drive distracted or speed so if you are involved in an accident consult a personal injury attorney so you can be aware of your rights immediately.

The statewide Pedestrian Crash Statistics composed of data gathered from 2005-2009 were put together for the Florida Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. The report broke down the number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities by district; in our case our general area falls under Districts 1 and 4. The report looked at some crash characteristics which include site location, age, gender, race, intoxication levels, and lighting to name a few.
The report published the following results:

  • The rate of pedestrian fatalities in Florida was double the national rate in 2009 and consistently higher over the course of the five years studied.
  • District 1 had the highest percentage of fatal pedestrian crashes from 2005-2009 than any other district at 10 percent.
  • Almost 15,000 pedestrian accidents were not located at intersections, compared to 12,869 that did occur at an intersection.
  • A high percentage of accidents in six of seven districts were on undivided multiple lane roadways which did not contain a median. The only exception was District 4 where accountability was almost symmetrical at 48 percent of accidents occurred with no median and 50 percent occurred on roadways with a median.
  • Every district reported that the majority of pedestrian crashes happened during daylight hours.
  • 84 percent of pedestrian crashes reported no intoxication as a cause compared to 5 percent of crashes that reported alcohol or drugs as a factor in the accident.
  • The ethnicity most at risk in each district was White, followed by African American and Hispanic.
  • The highest percentage of victims in all seven districts were male.
  • Every age group is at risk of a fatal pedestrian accident according to the report.

Some areas of Florida are taking action in hopes of reducing pedestrian accidents in areas that have a lot of foot traffic.

Pedestrians in Fort Myers Beach are being protected by the installation of ground-level pedestrian signs placed in the middle of the street. Wink News Now reports that locals are willing to pay out of pocket to purchase more signs to place along busy roadways in order to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents. The bright red caution signs cost about $400 a piece but have shown positive results since placing them on Estero Boulevard.