Traffic-Light Technology to Battle Congestion in Boca Raton

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting Boca Raton will become the first city in Palm Beach County to install a new traffic control system aimed at reducing congestion. The new system will synchronize traffic signals in real time along the busiest sections of Glades Road.

Boca Raton injury attorneys continue to watch as technology transforms the way state and local government move traffic through one of the most antiquated and congested areas of the nation.

Technology like speed cameras, stop-light cameras, traffic control devices and even cell phone apps are playing an increasingly critical role in how we reach our destination. And such technologies do not always work without drawbacks — like the way stoplight cameras tend to increase the risk of rear-end collisions even while reducing incidents of broadside accidents.

In some cases, such technology may even find its way into personal injury or wrongful death litigation, such as in cases where intersection or private surveillance cameras capture an accident as it occurs. In other cases, a dangerous or defective road design, missing or inoperable traffic control device, or a poorly maintained road or parking lot may be partly responsible for causing an accident.

Many times, governmental immunity will limit a victim’s right to collect damages from a municipality. But often a homeowner’s association, equipment manufacturer, general contractor, or other responsible party may share liability for a dangerous or defective condition that causes or exacerbates an accident.

Certainly we have all seen an explosion in the number of cases where a cell phone or GPS navigation device, or an on-board entertainment center, has distracted a vehicle’s occupants and contributed to an accident. In some cases, an experienced injury attorney may even look at phone records of drivers involved in an accident as a means of proving negligence.

Having a law firm with the knowledge, experience and resources to look at all of the facts and circumstances of an accident can help ensure that the responsible parties are identified and that you receive the compensation you deserve for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

In Florida, developers are often forced to build streets that service a community. This may even include the access roads leading into a development. Typically, they do the minimum mandated by the local county planning board. As these communities come online, area infrastructure is further taxed. Decades of such development have left many roads throughout Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties unable to handle traffic demands.

In this case, officials in Boca hope adjusting traffic signals in real time will help keep traffic flowing along busy Glades Road. The road has major traffic generators, including Town Center Mall, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton High and I-95.

The Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization has made deployment of such adaptive traffic-control systems a major funding priority for coming years.

“The public interest is moving away from widening roads further,” said Doug Hess, Boca Raton’s traffic engineer. “We’ve got to do something else.”

Palm Beach County is already looking at using the system on specific roads.