Survey: Florida 6th Worst State for Bad Drivers

Florida drivers stay alert! A new survey finds that the state ranks in the top 10 in terms of having the worst drivers on the road.


And bad driving leads to auto accidents.

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The survey by ranks the worst drivers by state for 2013 based on an analysis of five statistical categories:

(1) The fatality rate per 100 million miles traveled;
(2) The failure of drivers to obey traffic signals and seatbelt laws;
(3) The incidence of drunk driving;
(4) The rate of ticketing for traffic violations; and
(5) The rate of careless driving.

The survey was based on traffic data for the 50 states and the District of Columbia compiled from various sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and the National Motorists Association. Florida ranked as the sixth-worst state for bad driving. The state came in dead last (51)in terms of careless driving. Floridians also had low rankings for ticketing (48), failing to obey traffic signals(38), and fatality rate (33).

On the positive side, Florida ranked 18th in terms of drunk driving rate, although that represented a fall of 11 spots from last year’s 7th place.
Unfortunately, the South dominated the list of the 10 states with the worst drivers:

1. Louisiana
2. South Carolina
3. Mississippi
4. Texas
5. Alabama
6. Florida
7. Missouri and North Carolina (tied)
9. North Dakota
10. Montana

The best state in terms of fatality rate was Massachusetts. Montana ranked worst in the category. Drivers in the District of Columbia were best at obeying traffic signals and wearing their seatbelts, while Kentuckians were worst at following those rules of the road. The drunk driving rate was worst in Montana, best in Utah. Nevadans tend to get the most tickets, while the ticketing rate in Wyoming was the lowest of any state.

While Florida was at the bottom of the rankings for careless driving, Vermont was the best in that category.

Florida drivers also face other safety issues. The state ranked next to last in a ranking of which states have the safest highways. That highway safety study was based on an analysis of interstate speeding fatality rates, the rate of highway deaths per miles traveled, the condition of a state’s highway bridges, the percentage of drivers who wear seatbelts, and the availability of federal funding for traffic safety and road maintenance.

Speeding and drinking while driving are considered to be the most common dangerous driving behaviors. Road rage, failure to signal, failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles and failure to mind weather conditions are other behaviors that can lead to collisions, injury and death.

Of course, distracted driving describes a broad range of dangerous behaviors that can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Studies have found that the most common forms of distracted driving responsible for road fatalities include the use of cell phones or other electronic devices, daydreaming, rubbernecking, eating or drinking, talking with passengers, smoking and adjusting a vehicle’s controls.

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