Summer Safety Watch: Dangerous Products in Palm Beach County

It seems like manufacturers will just market anything nowadays, even dangerous and defective products that can cause serious injury in Palm Beach. Do you know which items are on the latest recall lists and do you know which of those items are currently in your home? Chances are a lot of residents in the area have a defective and dangerous product in their home and they don’t even know about it.

Get informed today and help to stop needless accidents and injuries from happening to you or your loved ones!

Remember the recall of inflatable pool slides? They are the ones that were sold from both Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us? Well, those items weren’t recalled until a woman died and two more were seriously injuries, according to TIME. It’s cases like these that highlight the stakes when it comes to product recalls.

Our West Palm Beach defective product attorneys understand that we expect the products that we purchase to be free from dangerous defects. Unfortunately, there are many products released each and every year that come along with a serious risk for injury. It’s important for consumers to stay on top of the latest recalls and to check out to Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s website to get all the latest information about dangerous products!

Keeping you and your family up to date with this information may be just what you need to help to prevent a potentially fatal accident in your own home.

Only about 10 percent of the products that were purchased by consumers were ever returned to the manufacturer for a repair or for a full refund. This isn’t an uncommon statistic either. Most times, consumers don’t take back recalled items. Oftentimes serious injuries and even death from dangerous products don’t happen until after a recall has been made. There could be a number of reasons as to why, but experts have a few ideas of their own.

Why consumers don’t get rid of dangerous and recalled products:

-Many times consumers never hear about recalls. The recall system needs to be revamped and manufacturers, safety officials and federal officials need to do a better job spreading the word to consumers about these products.

-Oftentimes, consumers don’t think that they’ll be affected by the recall and by the dangerous product. Consumers tend to think that an accident and an injury will happen to someone else, not them.

-With so many recalls in the media every year, recall announcements tend to lose their sense of importance and urgency.

“Once you know about a recall, take advantage of the refund, replacement or a repair that is offered,” said Kids in Danger’s executive director Nancy Cowles.