Spring Brings Increased Risks of Bicycle Accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton

A Boca Raton bicyclist was recently involved in an accident with a box truck on State Road A1A, according to Delray Beach Police.

As the bicyclist attempted to overtake traffic on the right side of the road a box truck, making a right hand turn onto Del Harbor Drive, collided with the 48-year-old cyclist, The Examiner reported. The box truck hit the rider and killed the bicyclist, according to the accident report.

Our Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident lawyers urge motorists and bicyclists to be cautious of one another as the spring time brings out both sets of travelers. Many motorists hit the roads during this time of year to vacation as many bicyclists hit the open road to enjoy the scenery and beautiful weather.

We urge riders to be cautious of motorists as they are often overlooked when sharing the roads with motor vehicles. It is important that both parties do their part to make our roadways safer this spring and attempt to decrease the risks of Boca Raton bicycle accidents.

According to BicyclingInfo.org, more than 600 lives were lost, and an additional 51,000 cyclist were injured, in bicycle/motor vehicle accidents in 2009. That’s an average of about 2 people a day dying from these crashes in the United States.

The National Safety Council estimates that roughly $4 billion a year is spent on bicycle injuries. Florida saw more than 100 fatalities resulting from bicycle/motor vehicle accidents in 2009, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

While the number of bicyclist fatalities in 2009 is 12 percent lower than the 718 bicyclist fatalities reported in 2008, more needs to be done to increase safety measures.

Yield To Life offers these tips to motorists to help keep bicyclists safe when sharing the roads with one another:

-Make sure it’s safe to pass a bicycle. Allow plenty of room between you and the bike and avoid tailgating.

-Allow bicyclists extra time to get through intersections.

-Give the bicyclist the right of way. Help them to make sure they make their way to the other side safely.

-Take a second look. Always double check for cyclists when making a turn or passing through an intersection.

-Refrain from unnecessarily honking at cyclists. Your honking may cause a cyclist to lose their bearings and can create a hazardous situation for the both of you.

-Be extra careful when parking, backing up and opening doors. As children on smaller bikes may be harder to see, it is necessary to take that extra moment to double check.

Yield For Life also offers safety tips for bicyclists to allow them to travel safely with motorists on our Florida roads:

-Make eye contact with drivers whenever possible. This will ensure that a motorist sees you and will help you to assert your rightful place on the road.

-Be sure to wear bright clothing, especially when riding at night. Equip your bike with proper lights and reflectors so you can make your presence is known in dimly lit areas.

-Just as motorists should check twice for you, you should check twice for them. Always look before crossing roads and intersections.

-Be sure to always have at least one hand on your handlebars. Use hand signals to help alert motorists of your expected movements.

-Be sure to ride along with traffic and not against it.

On our Florida roads, it is inevitable that motorists and cyclists will be traveling together. Make sure that we all do our part to keep our roads as safe and as accident free as possible for everyone.