Spring Breakers Increase Risk of Fort Lauderdale Car Accidents

Spring breakers are flocking to South Florida this month. Too many will be involved in car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Others may suffer premise liability accidents in hotels and clubs.

Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys would like to remind South Florida visitors and residents to stay safe through the busiest weeks of the season.

Spring break accidents can happen at virtually any point in a vacation. Driving poses a large threat to the safest of visitors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that nearly 3,000 drivers, ages 15-20 years old died and another 228,000 were injured in car accidents in 2009.

SafeSpringBreak.org would like to remind you that there are many ways to ensure a safe spring break trip:

-Beach it with a buddy. Always travel with a friend. The buddy system goes a long way. Even when swimming. Even the most experienced swimmer can still get caught in the west coast undertow.

-Don’t drink too much. Drinking makes it easier for someone to become either the victim or the perpetrator of an accident or crime.

-Keep an eye out for date-rape drugs. Never leave you drink unattended.

-Stay hydrated. The Florida sun can wreak havoc on a body that’s not properly maintained. Remember that proper hydration comes from water!

-Practice safe sex. Go out with protection and be sure not to get yourself into compromising situation.

-Try to book a hotel room above the first floor, but below the 6th. Hotel rooms are the easiest to be broken into, while floors above the sixth floor may be too high for fire ladders to reach.

It is important to reviews these tips before planning your next spring break vacation. Proper planning can provide a safe and relaxing spring break. Here is a spring break safety contract that you and your friends can sign and ensure everyone makes it home safely.