South Florida injury lawyers and staff wish you a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July

South Florida Injury Attorney Gregg Hollander and the staff at the Hollander Law Firm wish each of you a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. We encourage you to celebrate responsibly while on the road and on the water and to leave the fireworks to the professionals.

As a Florida child injury lawyer, Attorney Hollander understands the risk fireworks pose, particularly to young children. Two-thirds of fireworks injuries occur around the Fourth of July each year – one-third involve children under the age of 15 and nearly half involve young people under the age of 20.

Adults are at risk as well. Fireworks injuries are no joke and they are a frequent danger among families and novice users. Each year, more than 9,000 victims are treated in emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most common injuries occur to the hands, eyes, head, face and ears. The most common causes of fireworks injuries are the availability of high-grade professional fireworks sold to consumers, being too close to fireworks, operator error, child curiosity and experimentation with homemade devices.

Blindness, third-degree burns and permanent scarring frequently result. House and vehicle fires are also a real danger. The National Fire Protection Association reports there were more than 22.500 fires caused by fireworks in 2008, including 1,400 structure fires and 500 vehicle fires.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports there are 200 fireworks accidents a day during the month surrounding the Fourth of July.

A South Florida premise liability claim may be filed when a victim is injured in a private fireworks display at someone’s home or during a professional fireworks show. A product liability case may be filed in cases where fireworks were inappropriately or illegally sold to a consumer or in instances where a defective fireworks causes a serious injury or death.

Channel 5 News has reported that 4,700 Super Lightning Rockets are being recalled by the federal government. They were sold in Florida and three other states and were apparently overloaded with explosives.

You can visit the CPSC website for more information on the Florida fireworks recall.