Shopping Accidents in Broward & Palm Beach a Risk through Holiday Season

You see it every year — crowds and crowds of people waiting outside of stores across the state — everyone anxious get their hands on those Black Friday sales.

What you may not think about are the dangers that accompany this American holiday. The truth of the matter is that there you’re facing plenty of dangers during this time of the year and you need to keep safety a top priority. Our Broward personal injury attorneys are here to help — including some safety tips to make sure you make it out of Black Friday shopping safely!

Top Safety Tips for Black Friday, from the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC):

-Never buy more than you can carry. If you do happen to get a little more than expected, ask a store employee, a security guard or a law enforcement officer to help you to your car.

-Only shop online with companies you know and trust. If you’re not familiar with a company you’d like to buy from, be sure to check their background. Remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

-Keep all your receipts. Keep online order confirmations, too. Keep a folder of these papers so that you can verify on your bank statement when it arrives.

-Deter pickpocketers by keeping your wallet inside your coat pocket or in the front pocket of your jeans.

-When walking to your car, have your keys out and in your hand. Before getting in, make sure you check around your vehicle and in your back seats.

-Never leave packages or shopping bags in plain sight in your vehicle.

-If you happen to see an unattended package or bag, alert a security guard or law enforcement officer.

-If you shop along with your children, make sure you keep them well-supervised. Have an emergency plan on where to meet if anyone gets separated.

-Be careful around large crowds. If you’re shopping where the big bargains are, make sure your courteous to others. If getting your hands on a hot item means jeopardizing your safety — it’s not worth it.

-Steer clear of large crowds. Stores may not always follow their occupancy limits during this time of year.

-Be aware of the emergency exits where ever you shop.

What’s important on your Black Friday shopping list? You should have a plan and set out with a goal. Pick the places you’d like to shop the most and schedule out your trip. Be realistic and avoid rushing. When we rush — accidents happen. You’re also warned to be on the lookout for dangers within these stores.

Messy aisles, congested shelves and busy employees are a recipe for accidents. Make sure you’re calm, collected and safe during this year’s shopping rush and we wish you the best with those holiday sales!