Preventing Falls and Protecting Yourself on Your Bike

May 1, 2013

As we’ve been talking about recently, the month of May is Bicycle Safety Month. While we’re all about preventing accidents, we understand that they do happen. We’re going to focus on falls, and your best ways to survive them.

Researchers with recommend moves that could end up saving your life.

Our Naples bicycle accident lawyers understand that bicycling is a popular activity here in the state of Florida. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or for transportation purposes, we’ve got to all make sure that we’re doing it safely.

Now, to preventing falls.

Look Ahead: Instead of looking at something you want to avoid, look at where you need to travel. Your sight will help to guide you.

Prep The Pedals: If you’re riding a challenging trail, set clipless pedals loose (if possible), mostly so you won’t stress about your escape. It’s a natural reactions to swing your feet out when you’re falling, so disengagement won’t be a problem as long as you anticipate your crash and commit to it rather than trying to hang on too long.

Stay Loose: You never want to tense up on a bicycle and lock up your joints. Always go with the flow as the bike navigates, bumps and jumps. Many times, you can just ride out a tricky maneuver.

Stay Stable: For a slow-speed or uphill bail, stand to separate your body from your bike, and click out a foot (on slanted sloped, use your uphill foot), planting it wide so that your leg and the bike’s two wheels form a stable tripod.

In addition to prepping yourself to help to reduce the risks of a fall, you also want to prep your bicycle to make sure that it’s ready for anything riding has to throw its way. Every bike needs routine mechanical attention to keep it working efficiently, quietly and safely. You can take your bike to a shop, or you can do much of the work yourself, saving time, money and grief. Check the following to ensure a safe ride:

-Make sure you have the proper spoke wrench. No tool can take the place of this wrench, and using any other can round off the nipples of the spokes.

-Get a chain breaker. This is to help you remove and install a bicycle chain properly.

-Keep the lube and grease. This is going to help ensure smooth sailing on your bicycle. They also help to prevent corrosion and water contamination.

We need to keep an eye on the traffic around us. Be ready for anything and take the proper preventative measures to help to reduce your risks for an accident. Happy Biking!

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