Parking Lot Accidents in Boca Raton Common through Holiday Season

Accidents in parking lots in Boca Raton are most likely to happen during the month of December. During this time, residents throughout the state are out combing our malls and shopping centers for the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family members. This is when parking lots are crowded and lurking with dangers, but with the proper safety strategies shoppers can help to reduce the risks of an accident during this busy time of the year.

Boca Raton injury attorneys understand that the holidays are supposed to be a pleasant time of the year. But they can quickly turn disastrous if we’re not careful. There are risks of car accidents, pedestrian accidents, robberies and muggings in parking lots during this time.

Hollander Law Firm offers you these parking lot safety tips to help prevent becoming a victim of a crime:

-Always remain aware of your surroundings. Never allow yourself to get distracted by children, shopping bags, cell phones, etc.

-You should never walk alone at night. You should always walk with a friend, a coworker, a security guard or a police officer.

-Always have your keys in your hand and ready to get into the car. Drivers are urged to keep a whistle on car keys to use if something happens.

-You should always walk with a purpose. Recent studies have concluded that those who walk quickly and purposefully are less likely to become the victim of a predator. This type of walking sends a signal that you’re not an easy target.

-Keep one of your hands free at all times. This will allow you to fight off a would-be attacker.

-Always remember where you parked so you’re not spending too much time walking through a parking lot.

-You should always walk in the middle of ramps and aisles instead of using the stairs of a parking garage or an elevator. Stairs and elevators are an easy place for these individuals to prey on their victims.

-You should always walk in areas that are well lit. Back into a parking space when you can so you can exit more easily.

-You should steer clear of parking spots next to vans and other large vehicles. Attackers can easily hide near these vehicles and get to your quicker.

-Only unlock the driver’s door when getting in. Always lock the door behind you.

-Before you get into your car, look around the inside to make sure it hasn’t been broken into and that no one is in there.

-Limit the time you spend idling in your car. Once you’re in, start moving.

-Make sure you know where emergency telephones, security guards and parking lot attendants are located.

-Never keep any form of identification on your car keys. If you lose them or they get stolen, a thief may be able to find you, your house or your car.

-Be sure to always report suspicious activity. If you feel like someone’s following you, you should run to a lighted area or towards people who can help to find assistance.

Motorists and pedestrians are urged to be cautious around one another when traveling in our busy parking lots through the holidays, too. Let’s make this a safe holiday season and escape with no injuries. Happy Holidays and safe shopping.