Nonprofit Targets Texters Who Create a Risk of Distracted Driving Accidents in Boca Raton, Statewide

In the news recently is a story about a non-profit organization that is trying to eradicate the epidemic of distracted driving. This group’s mission is to create awareness about the dangers of texting while driving through personal stories of tragedy. Fueled by a man who lost his mother and sister in two separate fatal distracted-driving accidents in Florida, The Association for Responsible Texting was established to improve roadway safety by eliminating texting behaviors by the age group most at risk of an accident — teenage drivers.

Naples car accident attorneys know that it may take valiant efforts to curb poor driving habits by individuals in our state since we can’t rely on Florida lawmakers to get it done. Florida remains one of the few states that have neglected to address distracted driving or to pass laws opposing texting while driving.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the focus of the organization is to speak to schools and communities about the severe consequences that can result from an inattentive driver. Tragedy and personal experiences have driven this family to volunteer their time at community events.

The biggest challenge faced is changing the attitudes of drivers who think it is safe to text and drive despite what recent studies have shown. The goal for the Association for Responsible Texting is to get everyone to stop driving distracted in Florida and throughout the country, and to encourage all drivers to place a “No Texting” magnetic decal on their vehicle to help create awareness.

Graphic videos and heart-wrenching stories are posted on the No Texting While Driving website to convey personal messages from family members who have been directly affected by a distracted driver. Visitors to the website are urged to watch the videos, read the stories, post their own messages, and take the “No Texting While Driving” pledge.

Motorists can help create awareness by purchasing a magnetic decal to be placed in a visible location on their vehicle. The “No Texting While Driving” decal is 5 inches in diameter, UV protected, and can be placed on the bumper or inside window for clear visibility.

Though there is currently no national law that prevents us from texting while we drive, there could be soon. Up until now, some state lawmakers have been vigilant in their effort to ban texting and eliminate distractions in order to keep roadways safer. Florida legislatures must get with the program or risk losing more and more lives as a result of senseless acts by people who are behind the wheel and texting. This statewide problem isn’t going away on its own so it will take a dominant force to change unsafe driving behaviors. We urge you to join us in creating a better awareness among young drivers especially about the dangers of distracted driving.