Faulty Repairs to Your Vehicle Can Put Motorists in Danger of a Boca Raton Car Accident

Not much thought is given to the dangers of driving a vehicle once it has been involved in a Boca Raton car accident. Most people are just happy the vehicle kept them safe.

But motorists involved in an accident may be at the mercy of insurance companies determining where to take their vehicle for repair. And not all repair shops are reputable, which can put drivers and passengers at risk if the car is not repaired correctly. A faulty repair can lead to problems throughout the lifetime of owning the vehicle following an accident, not to mention make it difficult to sell when the time comes to get rid of the vehicle.

Insurance Agencies often have a preferred contractor list that they offer to clients in order to skip some of the red tape and speed up the claims process. The Sun Sentinel reports that some preferred contractors cut corners like any other repair shop so they aren’t always the best option.

For example, a woman who took her car in for repair following a car accident needed her hood replaced which was paid for by the insurer. When she picked up the vehicle after the repair the car was returned to her with paint chipped and rusted on the edge of the hood. She had to get permission from the insurer to take the vehicle to another repair shop for proper repair which took months to complete.

Our Fort Myers accident lawyers want to remind motorists that you do have options so get several quotes before you rush to the first repair shop following an accident. Policyholders are not required to use preferred contractors but insurers claim there are benefits to using them.

Rather than being forced to get several estimates before approval, using a preferred repair shop means the work can start immediately following submission of a claim. Overcharging for services is a legitimate concern for consumers when it comes to car repair so by using a preferred contractor, insurance companies have already made negotiations and assured that the price of repair is not over-inflated.

Quotes from different repair shops can range by hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars so accident victims who don’t pick a preferred contractor may end up paying out of pocket or forced to shop around until a claim is approved for the price that is quoted.

Preferred contractors are supposed to guarantee the work they do on vehicles but it doesn’t necessarily mean the work will be done correctly. Vehicles involved in accidents often have long-term effects which can put the safety of drivers and passengers at risk if a second accident were to occur.

Edmunds offers the following tips for choosing a reputable repair shop:

  • Word of mouth is often the best proponent of quality work. Ask friends or family if they know of a good repair shop.
  • Location. Location. Location. Similar to purchasing a home, location can determine if price gouging will be an issue. High end shops in ritzy neighborhoods might charge for all the gray areas where a smaller shop with less employees can charge you for the black and white on what the parts and labor really should cost.
  • Don’t stop at one estimate. Going to only one repair shop gives you nothing to compare to and no way of knowing if you are being taken advantage of. The lowest or highest estimate isn’t always the best so it may be viable to go somewhere in between.
  • Inquire about warranty guarantees, fire and theft insurance, whether new or used parts are used for repair or any other questions that you feel are important before you commit to the repair.
  • Go with your gut, it is usually correct. For example, if shop is clean, it probably means that the mechanics pay attention to detail which is better for both you and your car.