Evening Pedestrian Accident Highlights Risk as we Head Into Season

A 44-year-old woman from Boca Raton was recently killed in a pedestrian accident, according to The Palm Beach Post.

It happened as she was crossing West Glades Road just after 7:00 p.m. She was crossing the street at the intersection of North Dixie Highway.

According to officers, the driver was heading south on North Dixie Highway when he slammed into the pedestrian. The driver of the vehicle involved was not injured in the accident.

Our Boca Raton pedestrian accident lawyers understand the risks that pedestrians face here in the Sunshine State. Florida ranks as the second most dangerous state in the entire country, behind California, for pedestrian fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2010, there were close to 500 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents throughout the state. Because we’re blessed with such beautiful weather year round, residents and visitors get to enjoy the outdoors. However, the risks for accidents are much higher. And with the holiday season upon us, we’re calling on all motorists to help to keep pedestrians safe.

Officials with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recognize the dangers pedestrian’s face. They’re flooded with accident reports each and every day. One of the most important things that transportation officials would like to remind pedestrians about is the importance of sidewalks and crosswalks. Remember that crosswalks are for pedestrians!

Pedestrians and Crosswalks:

-Stop. Look left, right and left again when before stepping into a crosswalk.

-Wait for the WALK signal before proceeding. If there’s no crossing signal available, wait until you are completely sure that you can cross the road safely before attempting.

-Extend your arm out into the crosswalk before attempting to cross to alert drivers of your movements.

-As you cross the road, continue to look for moving vehicles, especially turning ones. These drivers may be more concerned with vehicular traffic and might forget to look for pedestrian traffic.

-Look around before stepping past stopped vehicles. There can be a moving car coming and you might not be able to see it because or your obstructed view. Be aware in all directions.

-Keep an eye out for cars that don’t stop. Unfortunately, some drivers disobey traffic signals.

There are some other safety precautions that you can follow to help improve your safety on foot. You should avoid walking at night and during the early morning hours when it’s still dark out. Pedestrian accidents are more common in low-visibility environments. You should also wear brightly-colored clothing to help motorists to see you better. As drivers should, you should also avoid traveling while distracted. Keep your attention on your surroundings. Turn off the mp3 players, put down the phone and look around!