Elderly Drivers and Teenage Risks for Car Accidents in Boca Raton

Officers with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office are looking into an accident that killed an 18-year-old and injured two elderly motorists. According to Boca News Now, the accident happened near the intersection of Golf Course Road and Glades Road over the weekend.

Officers report that the young driver was heading west on Glades Road nearing the intersection of Gold Course Road when the two in the other vehicle, 68- and 82-years-old, were heading east on Glades. The elderly driver tried to make a left onto Golf Course road. Unfortunately, their vehicle slammed into the teen motorcyclist. The young driver was thrown from his motorcycle and pronounced dead on scene. The two drivers were transported to West Boca Medical Center and treated for minor injuries. There have been no charges filed.

Our Boca Raton motorcycle accident lawyers understand the obstacles that drivers face. Teenage drivers and elderly drivers face some of the most serious risks. Teen drivers are up against inexperience behind the wheel, while elderly drivers are up against deteriorating senses and a diminishing ability to safely operate a vehicle.

It’s important for friends and family members to keep a close eye on both of these groups of drivers to make sure that they’re not facing undo risks for an accident. A watchful eye can help to keep them safe, even if it means asking them to limit or stop driving.

Obstacles Elderly Drivers Face, According to HelpGuide.com:

-Stiffness and pain in the neck, making it difficult to look over the shoulder before changing lanes or when looking at other traffic around you.

-Pain in your legs, making it tough to move the feet from the gas to the brake pedal.

-Diminishing arm strength, making it tough to move the steering wheel to avoid road hazards.

-Having a tough time seeing and keeping track of road signs. Elderly drivers may have a tougher time dividing attention between multiple activities.

-Diminishing eye sight. As we age, our eyesight gets worse. Poor eyesight contributes increasing risks for car accidents.

Obstacles Teen Drivers Face, According to HelpGuide.com:

-Inexperience. Young drivers don’t usually understand all of the dangers that are present on our roadways. They may not also know how to deal or react to these dangers.

-Many teen drivers feel they’re invincible behind the wheel and that accidents happen to other people, not them.

-Teen drivers are more likely to engage in distractions.

-Teen drivers are not always aware of all of the road laws and are likely to break them when they are.

Friends and family members are urged to keep an eye on these drivers. Talk with them about their habits behind the wheel as well as the risks they’re facing. Your talk can help to urge an elderly family member to turn to public transit and other modes of transportation to help to keep them safe.