Elderly at High Risk of Pedestrian Accidents in South Florida

A man who was hit by an out-of-control driver is continuing his fight as a family mourns the loss of yet another pedestrian. According to 7NEWS, the driver of an SUV lost control of his vehicle, crossed over oncoming traffic, hit two pedestrians and slammed into a liquor store in Miami. One of the pedestrians was killed and the other fights for his life in the hospital.

The two pedestrians were hit while they were standing on a sidewalk outside of a local restaurant. Officers are still trying to figure out how the driver lost control off the vehicle.

Our Boca Raton pedestrian accident lawyers understand that these kinds of accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. It’s important that we’re ready for anything that our roadways can throw our way. We can’t rely on the safe driving habits of others to keep us safe. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are common on our South Florida roadways. And it’s our elderly residents who are suffering the most.

According to Transportation for America, the baby boom generation “ages in place” in suburbs and exurbs and they’re provided with very few mobility options for those who do not drive. By 2015, officials estimate that there will be more than 15 million Americans who are over the age of 64 who will be living in a community where public transportation isn’t a viable option. And this serves up a serious problem for everyone.

Officials with Transportation for America have created the “Aging in Place, Stuck Without Options” report to show which areas are going to be affected the most.

In this study, Miami ranked as the 44th most dangerous metro area with 1-3 million people. By 2015, it’s estimated that more than 57,000 residents between the ages of 65 an 79 will be suffer from poor transit access by 2015. That’s a problem that will affect more than 15 percent of our population. The West Palm Beach/Boca Raton area ranked in as the 16th most dangerous. Officials estimated that there would be close to 115,000 residents between the ages of 65 and 79 who will suffer from public transit problems in 2015. Fort Lauderdale ranked in 34th place, which more than 97,000 in elderly facing this problem.

It’s a pretty serious problem here in the state of Florida. Just because the public transit isn’t providing all it needs to, that doesn’t mean that our elderly residents should stay behind the wheel longer. It’s important to know when to give up your keys and it’s important to know how to navigate our cities safely.

Check in with the elderly members of your family to make sure everyone can get to where they’ve got to go. Offer them your assistance. If they choose to walk, make sure that they know how to do so safely and they can keep their risks for an accident to a minimum. Your efforts can help to save a life.