Drain Cover Recalls Could Lead to More Pool Accidents in Fort Myers, Boca Raton

The News-Press recently reported that 1 million drain covers are being recalled, which could shut down hundreds of thousands of pools.

In April, our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers reported on the need to install pool drain covers to prevent swimming pool accidents.

Pool and spa drain covers are essential to prevent drain entrapment death and injuries. Chairwoman Inez Tenenbaum of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) strongly advised public pools to close immediately if they had any of the recalled covers. Private pool owners were urged to contact the manufacturer of their drain cover. The drain covers have been required since 2009; the special raised design prevents all the holes from being covered, which creates the deadly powerful suction. According to the CPSC, since 1999, one adult and 11 children have died from being trapped underwater and 82 others have been injured. A CPSC investigation also recently discovered that faulty standards at certifying labs have led to unsafe drain covers.

The recalled covers are made by the following manufacturers:

-A&A Manufacturing
-AquaStar Pool Products
-Color Match Pool Fittings
-Custom Molded Products
-Hayward Pool Products
-Pentair Water Pool and Spa
-Rising Dragon USA
-Waterway Plastics

A general manger of a pool store in Cape Coral said Waterway Plastics is a “pretty major manufacturer,” so there is the potential for many recalled drain covers in place in Southwest Florida. The store manager was concerned that identifying the unsafe drain covers isn’t easy. You can’t just look at the cover and know who made it. Your original pool installer may be able to find out the information for you or an inspection of the drain cover by a pool maintenance worker may be needed. The CPSC indicated pools with gravity drainage or multiple main drains systems are not affected by the recall.

For additional information, call the recall hotline at 1-866-478-3521 or visit The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals website.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not having a swimming pool until your children are older than 5, but if you do have one, they suggest the following:

-Never leave children unattended in or near a pool. Whoever supervises children around water must know CPR.

-Children under 5 should always be within an arm’s length of an adult.

-A minimum of a four-foot fence should surround a pool. The fence should have self latching and closing gates, with latches high enough so children can’t reach them. Many young children drown in pools because they leave the house and fall into the pool.

-A phone and rescue equipment must be located near the pool.

-Don’t use air-filled “swimming aids” in place of approved life vests.

-After use, remove all toys from the pool and secure the pool so children aren’t tempted to return.

-Remember, even though your child may know how to swim, he or she may not necessarily be safe in the water.