Dangerous Road Design Haunts Cape Coral Bridge

Crews have been working on the Cape Coral Bridge for more than two years now. After supposedly finishing it, the Department of Transportation has left drivers going west on the bridge in a quandary. On the westbound side of the bridge, six lanes just merge into two. Not only is that dangerous, but there are no road markings or signs to help drivers to figure out which lane you should merge to, according to NBC2.

It’s extra dangerous during this time of year, too. We’re still dealing with our northern visitors and teens will be out on our roadways for spring break throughout the month. With these northern drivers who aren’t familiar with our roadways and the younger drivers with minimal driving experience, we face increased risks for accidents.

Our Cape Coral car accident attorneys understand that this is just a disaster waiting to happen. But we’ll have to wait and see if the city is going to do anything about it, or just sit back and wait for another tragedy.

As more travelers flock to Florida, we need to create roadways that will be capable of handling the demand. Engineers should be utilizing technology to help to make sure that traffic is moving swiftly and that drivers are as safe on the roads as possible. Unfortunately, many of our roadways are antiquated or in disrepair. Not only are we having to worry about the poor designs of many of our streets, but we also have to worry about defects in our roadways. Potholes and other obstacles that could be fixed by county officials are oftentimes ignored — and are increasing risks for accidents.

It is an obligation for the state and municipality to provide safe road for all drivers. There shouldn’t be any surprises or uncertainty out there.

What are some common faults in roadway design?

-Neglect to provide notice of merging traffic.

-Neglect to indicate when there is a minimal shoulder.

-No proper signage to warn of a construction zone.

-Road markings that are poorly marked, faded or completely missing.

-Highway divisions that aren’t properly marked.

When you’re involved in an accident like this, you need someone on your side who will dig deeper than just the police accident report.

Car accidents resulting from poor road design can result in some serious injuries, such as brain injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries and even death. The medical bills for these kinds of injuries can pile up. You shouldn’t be left covering the tab for an accident caused by someone else’s mistakes.

Insurance companies use police reports to evaluate fault and blame. This can leave the accident victim virtually powerless in the process. Legal counsel is the only way to help you make sure that the evidence collected will work in your favor.