Child Injuries in Palm Beach: Dangerous Toys & Risks of Eye Trauma

One of the biggest concerns with the holiday season and with toy safety is eye injuries.  According to, American children sustain far too many eye injuries each and every year because of toys.  As a matter of fact, there are thousands of children under the age of 14 who suffer serious eye injuries, and even blindness, from toys.


Our West Palm child injury attorneys recommend three key tips to remember when purchasing a new child’s toy  for the holiday season.  You want to make sure you’re purchasing a toy that is meant for their age.  You want to make sure that you show them how to use it properly before turning it over to them and you also want to make sure children remain age-appropriate and have proper supervision.

Still, manufacturers continue to share liability for these injures, as dangerous and deadly toys continue to make it onto the market. Before you head to the store and pick out that “perfect” present, make sure review toy recall lists. Once a selection is made, be sure that you read all of the warning labels and instructions on the box or tag.  Ask yourself if the toy is right for your child.  Do the requirements meet their age?  Does it meet their abilities and interests?  You’re going to want to stay away from toys that have rigid or sharp points, rods, spikes or dangerous edges.

Before getting your child any kinds of lenses or frames, you want to make sure you get their eyes properly examined.

Make sure that you always purchase toys that can withstand impact and won’t break into dangerous shards.

 Before you let a child play with a new toy:

-Inspect the toy.  Make sure that are no broken or missing pieces.

-Talk with your child about how to properly use the toy.

-Make sure that you immediately fix of discard any broken toys.

General Toy Safety Tips:

-Make sure young children are kept away from toys that are designed for older children.

-Supervise children of all ages when playing with toys.

-Make sure that toys are stored correctly when not being used to avoid any accidents.

-Make sure that children are wearing the proper protective equipment when playing sports, like eyeguards, helmets and face shields.

Be especially cautious of toy weapons.  They are an invitation to eye injury. Watch out specifically for projectile toys with parts that shoot out or fly off as they can be extremely dangerous. Toys with sharp points, including darts and bows & arrows are all hazards to children’s eyes.

This also goes for laser toys. Toys with lasers are of particular interest to the FDA because it’s often children who are injured by these products.  Because advertisers promote them as playthings, parents and kids alike may believe they’re safe to use.

Thankfully, the vast majorities of toy-related eye injuries are treated and have no long-term adverse effects. But more importantly, they are easily preventable.

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