Car Accidents in Palm Beach County Spike during Recent Rainy Weather

Wet roadways can lead to some serious car accidents in Palm Beach Gardens. Earlier in February, there was one day in particular that saw a high number car accidents on Palm Beach County roadways. Florida’s Turnpike, Interstate 95 and virtually all other streets in the areas were of top concern for officials as they warned drivers to be extremely careful along the slick roads all the way from Jupiter to Boca Raton.

As a result of the rainy weather and slippery roadways, several police departments in the area were tied up responding to serious accidents. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews were called out to an early morning pileup on the Turnpike in Palm Bach Gardens, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Our Palm Beach Gardens car accident attorneys understand that we’ve been experiencing an unusually rainy tourist season this year. Slick roadways combined with the dangers presented by tourists who are unfamiliar with the area create a recipe for disaster.

The Turnpike pileup sent three motorists to the hospital. In this accident, reports indicate that there were a number of vehicles involved, including a van that flipped over.

Accidents were happening all along the coast with these rainy conditions. The Florida Highway Patrol reported some accidents that happened even further south. Two of them happened in West Palm Beach along Interstate 95 by Forest Hill Boulevard. These accidents blocked all northbound lanes of the interstate in the area.

That’s not all. There were even two more accidents reported in Lake Worth. Again, both accidents were on I-95. They happened near the 10th Avenue North exit.

And the list keeps going. There was another accident on I-95 near Woolbright Road in Boynton Beach, another one in Delray Beach and two additional accidents reported in Boca Raton, one near Palmetto Park Road and the other near Yamato Road.

The Sun-Sentinel is offering drivers in the state of Florida with some excellent tips for driving in the rain.

Safe Driving Tips for Rainy Weather:

-Stay put. When possible, you should avoid driving through rain or on slick roadways. Stay in a safe place when a storm’s brewing in the area. It’s important to stay put even after a storm has passed as injuries and death are still likely to happen in the aftermath of the storm.

-Slow it down. During and after a storm the roadways are slick. If you have to drive during these times make sure you slow down to avoid skidding, sliding and hydroplaning.

-Wear a seat belt. When it’s safe to hit the roads again, make sure you wear a seat belt. It’s the law in Florida, and countless studies have proven that it’s effective in saving lives on our roadways.

-Be careful of high winds. These weather conditions can adversely affect vehicles, especially high profile vehicles, like trucks, buses and even motorcycles. Wind gusts make driving more difficult.