Car Accidents in Boca Raton and Elsewhere: Use Your Blinkers!

There’s a real simple way to help to reduce your risks of a car accident in Boca Raton. Just use your blinker! Unfortunately, a recent study from the Society of Automotive Engineers reports that drivers are failing to use their blinker about 2 billion times a day. That’s close to 800 billion times a year. This neglect is causing about 2 million accidents each and every year.

Drivers aren’t using their blinkers about 50 percent of the time when changing lanes and about 25 percent when making turns, according to MSNBC. Why, you ask? Some experts believe that it’s just driver laziness. Others think that it’s because law enforcement officers aren’t enforcing this road law enough, instead focusing more on distracted driving, impaired driving and other irresponsible driving habits. Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that we need to put an end to it and start using blinkers. That’s it. Using blinkers can help to significantly reduce the risks of car accidents across the nation.

Our Boca Raton injury attorneys understand that drivers are expected to practice safe and defensive driving habits on our roadways to help to stop car accidents. Just as you’re supposed to abide by speed limits, stop at red lights and obey other road laws, you’re supposed to use a blinker when making a move in traffic. It’s a road law, too! Experts are now taking a look at this dangerous habit and are really breaking down the risks associated with it. It’s not looking good either. Far too many lives are being lost in accidents on our roadways every year from this little move, or lack thereof.

“This is a first of its kind report on a subject that amazingly, has never been studied,” said Richard Ponziani, P.E., author of the report.

Turn signals have been proven to be one of the simplest ways to prevent an accident. Officials are trying to get drivers back into the safe habit of using them. In addition to urging police officers to focus on this habit, experts have created the “Smart Turn Signal.” It’s an in-car mechanism that can sense when a driver is and is not using their blinker. It works a lot like a seat belt reminder system does. It sends off a friendly reminder when a driver leaves their blinker on after a turn. What’s special about this system is that is can also sense when a driver isn’t using their blinker. Other blinker systems don’t work that way. When it senses a driver isn’t using their turn signal, the system sends off friendly audible reminders in the vehicle to get the driver back on track.

Experts say that this new “Smart Turn Signal” has the ability to significantly cut down on the number of multi-vehicle accidents that our nation sees every year. It may be one of the most effective ways to reduce the risks of these accidents.