Busy Roadways Increase Risks for Car Accidents in Boca Raton and Elsewhere through Holidays

Earlier this month, Mothers Against Drunk Driving recognized the recent drop in the number of fatalities resulting from drunk driving car accidents in Boca Raton and elsewhere in the last year. As we recently reported, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced in its new 2010 traffic accident report that the number of fatalities from alcohol-related accidents had in fact decreased from roughly 10,800 in 2000 to roughly 10,300 in 2010. This is a near 5 percent drop in just one year.

“One life impacted by this terrible crime is one life too many, as there are still more than 10,000 drunk driving fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries every year,” said Jan Withers, MADD national president.

Our Boca Raton car accident attorneys understand that were expecting to see an increase in the number of drunk-driving car accidents over the next week. The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are common holidays for drivers to go out drinking and then to get behind the wheel and attempt to drive home. Experts are predicting that roughly 600 people will die on our roadways over these two holiday periods.

Floridians are asked to be extremely cautious on our roadways through the remainder of the year. Our roadways will be crowded with both residents and tourists. Consider following these safety tips to avoid a serious car accident.

Safe Driving Tips from the Florida Safety Council:

-WEAR A SEAT BELT: Seat belts have been proven effective in saving lives in motor vehicle accidents. Start making a habit of buckling up. Drivers should make sure that everyone is buckled up during every car ride.

-CURB DISTRACTIONS: Turn off your cell phone, text messaging devices and other portable electronic devices before starting your vehicle. Make sure pets and children are properly restrained and that your full attention is on the road.

-NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE: Always designate a sober driver before heading out to any holiday gatherings. DUIs aren’t only costly, but they can be deadly. Keep an eye on your loved ones too. Don’t let anyone get behind the wheel after drinking.

-REST UP: You never want to drive when you’re feeling drowsy. Get at least eight hours of sleep before heading out on your holiday road trip. Take frequent breaks in driving to get out and stretch your legs.

-CHECK THE CAR: You should get your vehicle inspected before heading out just to make sure that everything is in good-working order. Check to make sure that all lights work properly, that your tires are properly inflated and that your fluids are full.

Drivers are urged to be on their best behavior behind the wheel through the holidays to help to avoid a serious accident. Be safe and alert to enjoy a safe and happy holiday!