Boca Raton Injury Lawyers Urge Safe Halloween

Not even a Halloween costume is going to be able to disguise your drunk driving.

This year, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is out targeting intoxicated drivers. They’ve got a message for you and it’s “keep the party off the road.” From the 25th of October through the 4th of November, officers across the state will be aggressively targeting irresponsible and intoxicated drivers in an effort to keep our roads safe and to keep travelers alive.

“The Patrol continues to make driving under the influence (DUI) enforcement a priority,” said the directors of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), Col. David Brierton.

Our Boca Raton personal injury lawyers understand that Halloween is one of the most dangerous holidays of the entire year for drunk driving accidents. Children and supervising parents are at some serious risks for these kinds of accidents with trick-or-treating. As a matter of fact, Halloween is the most dangerous night out of the entire year for child pedestrian accidents. Drivers, pedestrians and all other travelers are asked to be safe out there before this Halloween turns into a real horror show.

To help to make sure everyone’s safe during this Halloween, officials with the FHP are looking after drivers, parents and little ghosts and goblins. Please review the following safety tips from the FHP and share them with your loved ones.

Driving Tips:

-Stay on the lookout. There will be little ghosts and goblins roaming the neighborhood for some sweet treats. Don’t get spooked by these creepy creatures and spot them before they spot you.

-Remember that children don’t understand the workings of traffic like we do. Be ready for them to dart out into the road without looking.

-Keep it slow. You should slow your speed in residential neighborhoods, near school zones and anywhere where pedestrians (especially children) can be found.

-Keep your headlights on. This is going to help you to see the wicked witches and the giggling goblins along the street and it’s going to help them to see you.

-If you can, avoid driving altogether.

Tips for Parents:

-Make sure you review pedestrian safety with your child before heading out.

-Make sure you choose a costume for your child that’s brightly-colored to help motorists to see them more easily.

-Make sure children’s costumes are short. You don’t want them tripping and falling all over them.

-Consider having them wear face paint instead of a mask. Masks will only hinder their vision. Test face paint to check for allergic reactions before the big night.

-Make sure older trick-or-treaters travel in packs. Always supervise the youngest ones.

-You group should be equipped with flashlights and should be wearing reflective materials.

-Plan your trick-or-treating route out before heading out for the night. Chose routes that are well lit and ones that don’t have a lot of traffic.