Boca Raton 1st-Grader Saved in Pedestrian Accident at School Drop-Off Area

A recent child pedestrian accident in Boca Raton could have turned fatal, but instead is one of the most miraculous stories of the year for our area.
Sun Sentinel reports that a man was dropping off his 6-year-old grandson at Verde Elementary School when the boy tripped and fell getting out of the vehicle and was hit by an approaching car. The driver of the second vehicle didn’t realize what had happened but heard people screaming and horns honking so she stopped immediately. The child’s leg had become trapped underneath the vehicle with no leverage to get it out or bend the leg. The grandfather, police and several bystanders lifted the car and pulled the boy out safely. The dashboard camera on the police cruiser captured the events of the rescue on video.

Our Delray Beach injury lawyers know the outcome of this accident could have been far worse. In many cases, a child who is struck by a car incurs severe head injuries, fractures and chest or abdominal injuries among other things. WPBF reports the boy is awake and talking with family members. He was being treated at Delray Medical Center for road rash and a slightly punctured lung, and also underwent surgery to have his ear reattached. The driver who hit the boy is suffering from emotional shock but will not be charged. Police officials state she had a clean driving record prior to the accident.

We posted a “Back to School Safety” series on our South Florida Injury Lawyer Blog recently to alert parents, caregivers, babysitters and others about the dangers of school drop-off zones, school bus accidents and playground injuries while children are on school property. These areas can be a danger to children if they are unaware of safety precautions when they are around large buses and passing traffic.

The Transport Roads & Traffic Authority suggests a ‘drop off and pick up’ initiative in school zones for school districts to utilize that can help keep children safe. The initiative designates a safe no-parking area that is supervised by an adult who assists children getting into and out of a car and safely to the school building.

The advantages of the program include:

-Designates a specific area for kids to be dropped off and picked up rather than finding a random parking spot somewhere in the vicinity of the school zone area where there is rapid movement and cars coming and going frequently.

-Eases traffic congestion around the school by keeping cars from parking illegally.

-Parents or caregivers don’t have to leave small children alone in a vehicle while walking their sibling or other child to the building or classroom.

-Encourages safe passenger behaviors by parents and children, as well as road safety precautions.